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November 14, 2019

Saw this on TV this morning....

This puppy, named Narwhal was found at a dump site in rural Jackson, Missouri, where hundreds of dogs have been dumped. "He had x-rays and a vet visit and is a perfectly healthy puppy, with an extra tail on his face.. There is no medical need to remove it currently and it is a third the size of his actual tail."

Even though the unicorn tail makes Narwhal "THE COOLEST PUPPY EVER" the rescue organization said the tail does not wag.

In less cool or cute news, I am enjoying the republicans' insistence that the whistleblower be subpoenaed.  I hope the whistleblower is sitting somewhere beautiful, quiet, sipping something delicious, and enjoying watching the impeachment hearings.

The party which has steadfastly refused  to comply with all subpoenas is adamant that this person MUST appear.  Heck...why?  Everything that was in the original whistleblower statement and discounted because it is not first hand information has been confirmed by several first-hand people.  The only reason to bring the whistleblower is to discover who it is.  I can just imagine the number of tantrums the Orange One is having not knowing who started the impeachment business.

The republican response to Day 1 of the public testimony they have been clamoring for is that it's "boring" or that they are "too busy" to watch or that they "haven't read the reports,"  Trump said he had better things to do (celebrating Erdogan, the man who recently killed hundreds of Kurds after moving them out of their homes).

They are bringing impeachment charges for Trump's bullying of Ukraine's president, Zelensky, withholding assistance for their fight against Russia unless he made a public statement (and then follow-through) that he was going to be investigating the Bidens.  Blatant misuse of presidential power to benefit his campaign.

It is amazing that this is finally the issue that is bringing this criminal to impeachment, considering how many illegal things have been overlooked in the past three years.

And now in one of his famous diversionary tactics, Trump has taken on DACA recipents.

In September 2017, Trump said of DACA recipients that "I have a great heart for these folks we’re talking about. A great love for them." Weeks later, he posted a tweet questioning why anybody would want to deport DACA recipients in the first place.

Now he says, "Many of the people in DACA, are no longer very young and are far from ‘angels,’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals."  Yet there is evidence that DACA recipients are actually arrested at rates far lower than US residents.

While some DACA recipients are "no longer very young," the most common age at which they entered the country was 3 — meaning that many of them have only lived as sentient humans in the United States, yet are now facing the threat of deportation to countries they’ve never known.

He’s also hedging his bets by saying that if SCOTUS goes along with his move to end the program, "a deal will be made with Dems for them to stay." But if the recent past is precedent, Trump’s bargain will involve forcing Democrats to spend exorbitant amounts of money on his border wall in exchange for him signing a bill providing DACA recipients with long-term legal protection.

There are nearly 670,000 DACA recipients in the country, but SCOTUS’s decision doesn’t just potentially affect them. It also impacts the 256,000 children of DACA recipients who could potentially lose their parents to deportation. Trump, however, has already proven that he’s willing to separate families toward the end of making America whiter.




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