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November 13, 2019

Meet Ripper.

No he's not a new dog, or even a new foster dog.  Ripper showed up in our carport yesterday, very happy to make Ned's acquaintance.  Ned tried to catch him, but he ran away, then came back and Ned lured him with a treat so he could read his collar.  He locked him in the back yard and called the number on his tag.  He called the phone number and left a number.

Polly and Bouncer were very eager to get to Ripper, Bouncer to play, Polly to tear him apart, I think.  Ned let all 3 dogs out into the back yard and they took off at top speed to the far end of the yard, Ned behind them, grabbing at Bouncer, who is having back leg problems.  He was afraid she would "play" and hurt herself, so he brought Polly and Bouncer inside and left Ripper outside.  The three of them stared at each other for a long time.

(Bouncer seems to be very sore today, perhaps from the one race across the back yard she did.)

I posted photos on Facebook and on nextdoor.com and eventually we had a call from the girl who was taking care of him while his family was out of town.  She came and picked him up and that was the end of Ripper.  A bit of unusual excitement to break up the monotony of the day!

Wow.  Did you see photos of Venice today?

After exceptionally high tides and heavy rains, nearly half the city of Venice is underwater. It's the worst flooding in 50 years; water levels are at their second-highest in recorded history.

I look at these pictures and remember being in a lot of those places!

Guess we won't be going back to Venice again!


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