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November 12, 2019

Well, I was beginning to think Fall was never going to arrive in Davis.  Looking back over pictures from previous years, I see that most of the trees have already changed color by mid to late October, but not here.  However, when I drove out yesterday, I saw that we are finally in "autumn."

I don't think we are going to get the riot of color that we do in other years, but this is one of my favorite fall trees, so I'm happy to see this.

Ned has been working his tail off.  He is simultaneously trying to get the kitchen organized and his hot tub set up, so when he's tired of building stuff in here, he hauls gravel so he can set up the hot tub, or he moves "stuff" around so it's more compact (stuff being furniture as well as boxes of stuff). That guy has more energy than I ever dreamed.

However, he got our new cabinets set up and filled yesterday and they are wonderful.

The thing about Ned and Marta is that they have vision, which Walt and I never have had.  They can look at a room and see how it could be better.  I look at a room and see what needs to be cleaned up.  The library in the living room is a great addition and these cabinets, which he filled yesterday are wonderful.  He is going to get one more so we will have four and already much of the stuff hanging around the table have found a home in the cabinets.

Yesterday I was thrilled to get a copy of this book in the mail.  I had forgotten that I had a conversation with the author...somewhere.  Maybe on GoodReads?  I had read her husband's  book, "The Elephant Whisperer," and loved it.  One of the things that moved me the most was when her husband died and all of the elephants walked miles to get to their house and just stand around for a couple of days, like they were paying tribute or saying good bye.  Apparently a year after his death they did the same thing.  just showed up at the house and stood there for a couple of days and then left.  I tell ya, I just love elephant society and how intelligent and intuitive elephants are.

Anyway, she apparently read my review on GoodReads and said that she had written this sequel to it -- how she has coped since her husband's death -- and asked if I would be interested in reeviewing it.  I said of course!  And, of course, I forgot all about it until the "advance copy" of the book arrived yesterday.  I have already read nearly half of it.  It's that good.


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