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November 10, 2019

Looks like I'm going to be busy for awhile.  We have three shows this weekend.  Last night we saw A Christmas Story: The Musical, tonight we see Deathtrap and on Sunday a production of Gypsy with no sets, no costumes, and minimal props because the theater group has been tossed out of their theater because of some structural damage that needs to be checked.  THAT production should be fun.

But then there is mid-week next week when I review 3 Penny Opera at the university and a production at the high school I am just seeing because I was invited; I won't be reviewing it, since we don't do school productions.  And then there are two plays the following weekend.  One is a new Christmas themed play called Coney Island Christmas.  We will see the yearly production of A Christmas Carol on December 4 and then I have the rest of the year off.  Yippee.

Can I really be talking about "the rest of the year."  Where has this year gone?

Anyway, A Christmas Story was great.  The touring Broadway shows usually run at the Sacramento Community Theater, but it is undergoing extensive renovation now, so the series is being held at the Sacramento Auditorium, a venue I've never been in.  It's huge, but lovely and the folding seats aren't all that uncomfortable.

Critics often joke about perfectly good beloved movies that someone decides to write music to and put back on the stage, most of which are pretty ... well, not awful, but not really very good.  The music adds little to the story.

However, this show is an exception.   It is a delight from the first moments.

You remember the story. . This is the one where the kid wants a BB gun for Christmas and everyone tells him he will blow his eye out.

Most of the cast, other than chorus members who fill in dances, are actually kids and they were very GOOD.  Good actors, good singers and good dancers.  The youngest has a great tap dance solo.

And of course this scene was very funny,

I was very pleased with the whole production and it will be fun to write the review.

Saturday night we will be seeing Deathtrap, which is considerably different.  I think I've seen the show once or twice.  The first time I saw it, one of the actors was a friend of friends of ours and we had a nice visit with him before the show played and he invited us backstage after the show.

At the end of the show, his character is told something that embarrasses him.  The actor had white hair and fair skin and when he is told the embarrassing thing, he instantly blushes a deep red.  Naturally the first thing I asked him after the show was how he DID it and he said that the secret is figuring out where in the last scene you have to start holding your breath.

Somehow I don't think that character is going to blush in the show we are seeing tonight but it would be cool if he did.



The lamp dance at A Christmas Story was a show stopper.

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