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November 8, 2019

Both Bouncer and Polly are grumpy old ladies.  Both are around 13, but for a dog Bouncer's size, that is "older" than for a Chihuahua, one of the longest living breeds of dogs.

Bouncer is getting old and achy and going up and down stairs all the time (she follows Ned everywhere) has not been easy on her bones.  Heer favorite thing is to be petted on her backside.  In fact, she never comes to me head first, but butt first.  But lately, if you try to pet her butt, she yelps in pain.

She has taken to sleeping in Polly's Chihuahua-sized bed.  We think it's maybe something about the rib around the side of it that she likes, but she has to curl very tightly to get into position and that certainly doesn't look comfortable.

So they set up a new Bouncer-size bed for her.

She seems as comfortable as she can be in that bed and is able to snuggle down into what certainly must be a more comfortable position.

As for Ned, he was all involved in a new project today.  He bought a cabinet at Home Depot and got it all set up.

This extends the kitchen counter and gives a work area for the machines that have been taking up the counter space.  When it was all done, my word was it wonderful...

I immediately made pie dough for a quiche for dinner and what a difference having real work space without crowding things all together with drying dishes.


Sandy posted this of a birthday party at Eldervilla.  That look on my mother's face
is, sadly, the look she usually has...like she's not "there" any more.
I'd love to see her smile....


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