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November 6, 2019

Well, here is the explanation for the police remark.  By way of explanation for those who do not participate in the Sunday Stealing questions, the way it works is that I find question sets around the internet, copy them to Sunday Stealing along with a link back to where I found the originals ("stealing," you know).  That has been the way it has worked for...well...more than a decade (I've only been doing this for a little over a year and when I took it over, I was given links to various sites where I could find questions and I have also found sites myself from which to "steal." I hope this explanation helps make this a little less esoteric for those who don't care!

I posted the following which will be what appears on the Sunday Stealing page this weekend:

No questions this week, but please read this so you know why.  I usually stay 3 weeks ahead on Sunday Stealing just on the off chance that "something comes up" (I'm hit by a bus or come down with some dire illnesss just before Saturday).  But in so doing, I have made a rather bad enemy of Wednesday Medley.  The questions I used on October 12 and the questions I used last week came off of the web page for a site called Cranberry Morning and on October 12, I had an irate message from Wednesday Medley to say that the questions originated with that site and NOT with Cranberry Morning.

Apparently that didn't penetrate because on the questions I had set up ahead of time was another set of questions from Wednesday Medley again linked back to Cranberry Morning, the site where I saw them originally.

Off I went to Santa Barbara for the weekend, no computer with me. When last week's questions first appeared, I had another irate message:

Please correct this week's SUNDAY STEALING to the correct WEDNESDAY MEDLEY website immediately.


For the second time within three weeks you have linked to CRANBERRY MORNING which has nothing to do with WEDNESDAY MEDLEY. Cranberry Morning used to participate in the meme, just like The Gal Herself or Lori or Tracy participates on Saturday 9 or Sunday Stealing.

I took over WEDNESDAY MEDLEY from Terri "Your Friend In Florida" who retired from writing the meme five weeks ago...

Please correct the link immediately! You are driving people away from WEDNESDAY MEDLEY!

 Please correct the link immediately!

And you are using an outdated logo.   
I responded immediately, explaining again that I had no computer and thus could not get into the programming page for Sunday Stealing, apologized, and said I would change the link as soon as I got home Monday night.  In return I received another message, Repeating what had been sent before and ordering me to  Please correct the link immediately

I again responded that I had no computer, was 400 miles away from my computer, and could not get into the site to change anything until Monday.  I also suggested that maybe she could contact one of the others in the group who can get into the site. 

Next message came:

It's too late. A few of the ladies copied the Sunday Stealing questions from your blog. [FWIW, this is not MY blog, it is OUR blog]  The damage is done.

This Sunday, I expect a public apology, an explanation including Allison Ladner's role in the Sunday Stealing for October 12, correct attribution and correct logo.

And Wednesday Medley questions, Not some hackneyed Reader's Digest version.

Do not  bother trying to hide things by changing links. Already noted by the police department. 

The police department??  I've been reported to the Police Department for using the wrong link?  And I have no idea who Allison Ladner is or how she had "a role" in Sunday Stealing for October 12.

Anyway, I will never make the mistake of stealing from Wednesday Medley again, I apologize abjectly and I hope that everyone will go to Wednesday Medley and if you want to answer those questions, copy them from there because obviously if I post them here, I will be stealing possible participants from her and I don't want to do that.

Oh yeah and the proper logo (when I can't find a logo on the page, I just go to a Google search and use what comes up there) is this:


If anybody is unhappy with what I have been doing for the past year-plus (other than Wednesday Medley, who is obviously very unhappy), let me know and I'll be very happy to turn it over to someone new.

So there is my police story.  It kind of falls under the "get a life, for Pete's sake" category, but this is the first time I've had someone so angry with me that maybe I need to stick with questions from Facebook.



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