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November 5, 2019

Our last full day was  really pretty relaxing.  We were staying at a Best Western Motel, and it was probably THE most expensive place we've ever stayed, other than the hotels that come with cruises--and those come with the whole package and we never know how much individual rooms cost.  But "everyone" was staying there, so we bit the bullet and paid...and then it turned out that only 2 couples were there. Our room wasn't particularly outstanding, but it had a full couch, which I loved.  In fact. I slept better the last 3 days than I have in a very long time. 

But the nicest thing was the breakfast room.  We have come a long way from "continental breakfasts."   This had everything you could possibly want for breakfast (all self-serve).  I was surprised there was no waffle maker, but then found the pancake machine.

And the pancakes were good too.

We had breakfast all 3 days with Ernie and Lucille and what fun that was.  I have always loved spending time with them and we closed the breakfasts room all three days.  They planned a "hotel tour" on Sunday, visiting some old, fancy hotels, having a drink and then moving on.  I opted out.  I was using my walker which is a godsend, but a pain in the butt to have to cart everywhere.

So Walt and I just hung around the hotel.  I read the book I started on the road down (a Michael Connelly) and finished it in the afternoon.  Walt went wandering around the shops around the motel/

Around 5, we met everyone at Sandpiper golf course.  Everything was closed, but we sipped drinks Joe had brought...

...and we stayed until the sun went down.

The fog out there on the water rolled in so fast after the sun went down that in the time it took us to walk back to the cars, we were surrounded by fog.

We ate some more of the party leftovers but didn't stay too long because almost everyone was catching flights back home -- Gerald and Melissa to North Carolina, Ernie and Lucille to Maryland, Jocelyn to Boston, and even Tom was flying to Denver, so everyone wanted to get home and pack.

Walt and I got on the road around 10:30 this morning. My iPod has been driving me crazy because sometimes I can't get it to play at all, but it behaved today and so we immersed ourselves in the Harlan Coben book, "Six Years."

On Tom's suggestion we stopped at the Harris Ranch for lunch and had a fabulous prime rib sandwich...which was definitely enough for the rest of the day.

Home in time for Jeopardy.

And I still haven't told you why the police are after me yet...


It may only be November 4, but it's CHRISTMAS at the Harris Ranch.

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