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November 4, 2019

Well, technically speaking since it's 11:22 p.m. as I start this, it is still Monday so this is the Monday entry.  It's been a lovely weekend, the very first with NO computer...and it was kind of nice, until I discovered that I have been reported to the police because I didn't have one.  But you'll have to wait for another day to find out THAT story.

We were there for Walt's sister's husband retirement party and a gala event it was.

We had a lovely drive down on Friday.  We actually left early so arrived around 6 and were in time to watch rehearsal for the song they were rehearsing to surprises Joe the next day.

This is actually a song my father wrote for my mother when she retired ("Grandma Won't Be Working Any More") which the kids have also adjusted for Walt's mother, and when Alice Nan and now Joe retired.  The song is 45 years old and when they first sang it, I don't think David was in kindergarten yet.  I wish my father were here to see how this song has survived--and grown.  (Or that my mother could understand if I were to tell her about it)

After rehearsal we went to Nugget restaurant for dinner.

That's us with Alice Nan and their two cousins and their wives.  (Walt's brother got sick and they had to cancel.)

In the morning we went to Lacie's soccer game, but really didn't see her at all and we had to leave before the end because we were tasked with picking Joe up and getting him to the party.  We were supposed to pick him up at 2:50 and we pulled into the driveway at 2:49.  I was impressed!

There were lots of friends of his, lots of food, lots of fun.  Laurel and the girls arrived when the place was kind of full, and Lacie especially was overwhelmed.  She bought 4 books to read.  I told her I knew how she feels.  She, Bri and I were more comfortable sitting a corner reading (Lacie loamed me one of her books)

As more people arrived and more noise surrounded us, Lacie found the best way to be able to put up with all the festivities.

The formal part of the evening went well, with lots of wonderful memories of Joe, especially by his daughters.


The song was a big hit.  I don't seem to have taken an actual PHOTO of the singing group, I was so intent on getting it all on video.  But it was a big hit.  Lacie was part of the group, but when she got up on stage, she stood behind someone at all times and didn't join in on her one word ("Dodgers")

And there was a ton of food left over.  It all went back to Joe and Alice's house, where they were going to be leaving in 2 days for a vacation!

I'll cover Sunday and Monday in tomorrow's entry and then maybe I'll tell you about why the police are after me...


Joe and his family cutting the retirement cake

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