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November 1, 2019

With Ned living here, I knew we would be doing trick or treating again.  We had not done it in many years.  We were all set.  We had the candy we had eaten most of and the new candy Ned bought to replace what we ate.  We had gates up so the dogs wouldn't rush the trick or treaters.

Both of them.

We had two trick or treaters, but the second one was fun because he was wearing the gorilla mask he had bought at our garage sale.

It was kind of a crazy day for me. 

I decided I wanted to put in photos of the kids in Halloweens gone by so started going through photo albums,  Well, that becomes a trip down memory lane.  What fun I had.  I didn't get as many photos as I'd hoped but I sure got ideas for future journal entries.

I was pleased to find more photos of my father than I have seen in a long time.  I always liked this with Ned.

And this one showing him in probably the only place he was always happy.

But then new photos came in and I found out what was happening in Santa Barbara



Walt and I are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  We will help Alice Nan's husband celebrate his retirement.  Because so many people are coming to town, we have to stay in a motel this time, and that's always such a hassle to use my computer.

SO.  I'm doing Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing before I leave and will link to them and then write Monday's entry when I get home. 

Sadly, Ned and Marta were coming too, but the stress of the past month has finally hit Ned and he has come down with shingles and is too uncomfortable to drive 400 miles to spend the weekend having the grandkids climb all over him.  So he and Marta are holding down the fort while we're gone.


Facebook tells me this is from Aladdin.  Coulda fooled me!

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