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17 May 2019

Ned has noticed that neither Walt nor I have been doing what he hoped we'd do, which is to go through the hundreds of books that he brought downstairs, choosing the ones we wanted to keep and setting aside the one we were willing to give up.

So he took matters into his own hands and got the ball rolling by setting me up with a huge stack of paperback books, a stack he kept refilling as I made my choices (I didn't keep very many).

I managed to fill 3 boxes with books I was willing to get rid of, keeping maybe half a dozen.  Walt now has to go through my 3 books and do his own choosing.

In going through these books, I came across a lot books I don't remember ever seeing before...and some that caused me to wonder how in the world we happened to have that book.

Which of us, for example, got "The Child's Plutarch" ???  Who paid money for "The Asphalt Handbook," "Pointers for Drillers," or the anthology of the writings of Mao Tse Tung?  We also have dictionaries of all sorts, including enough English-Spanish dictionaries that surely ONE of us must be at least somewhat fluent in Spanish,  And where the heck is Heckate County and why do we have its memoirs? 

I know that "The Madams of San Francisco" came from my parents' library because I remember seeing it as a kid.  I am assuming my father acquired it, though I don't know why because to my knowledge he only read one book in his life -- "Away All Boats."

We even uncovered a bit of a crime.  I picked up a Judy Blume book about bullying and thought it would be a good book to give to Briana -- don't know if she has any Judy Blume books yet -- and when Walt looked at it more closely he discovered that it was stamped with the kids' English teacher's name and address, and the pages indicated that it had come from the English classroom.  Since he is now retired, I don't think I will try to give it back to him.  Ned also found a photo book of "Snoopy Fashions," which we will give to the girls too.

This barely makes a dent in the number of books that we still have to go through, but it's a start and those discarded books can be taken out of sight and sorted for give-away and garage sale.

Last night we went back the the Broadway Series in Sacramento.  Because of our various maladies, Walt didn't get to any of the shows this year.  I saw the first one with our friend Jessica, who was unable to accompany me to the others.  I can't really walk the distance from the garage to the theater any more so I need a driver and until last night, Walt didn't think he was up everything that was involved with seeing the show--from driving to and from, walking the distance from the car, and holding his bladder through a whole act.  But he was able to drive to San Francisco and go to the symphony last week, so he is back, baby.

Of all the shows they did this season, this was the one I was most looking forward to, Disney's Aladdin.  I told the publicity guy that if I couldn't find a driver, I'd stay overnight in the hotel across the street from the theater, so I would have time to get to and from the garage and not miss the show!

But Walt did fine and the show was spectacular.  It will be fun to write the review.  I always love it when I have nothing but superlatives to say about a show.  Heck the magic of the flying carpet alone is worth the price of admission right there.

We came home to watch the taped finale of Big Bang Theory.  I love it when shows you are bonded with have really good finales, and this was definitely a really good finale.  All the external characters who have appeared made brief appearances, though not obviously a "this is my last chance to be in this show" kind of scene.  Maybe the best part about it was not BBT itself, but Young Sheldon, which followed it and which has been renewed for next season, but which had the greatest tie-in to BBT as its final scene.  Brought me to tears.

No show will ever match the perfection of the finale of Newhart in 1990, and this wasn't that kind of finale, but it was just...well...the perfect way to end BBT.


Tomorrow is David's 23rd anniversary.
I can't believe it's been that long.


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