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28 June 2019

I guess it had been about a week and a half since I'd been at Eldervilla.  But my mother no longer cares.  She recognizes me but I don't quiz her any more to see if she knows who I am.  I know she recognizes me but am not sure she knows I'm her daughter.  But she's always happy to see me and not in the least disappointed when I leave.

When I got there, she was "making" Jeannie's bed.  Jeannie is nearly blind and has movement difficulties and I guess when they moved John in, they decided to move her out of the double bedroom room and into the living room, so she is always in bed in the living room when I get there.

In the past she has always been sitting up and usually singing "Show me the Way to Go Home" over and over again.  But today she was in bed, and my mother was straightening her blankets.

John, the newest resident, has been there less than a month.  He came because he was being very aggressive where he was before, and he didn't leave his room.  Now I guess it's because of his meds, but he sits up, yet doesn't really move.

Mary Ann and Bob, the other two residents, don't leave their rooms.  They are on opposite ends of the house, and Bob's wife probably visits him every day -- at least she comes every time I'm there.  She carried a book today, so maybe she reads to him.  How nice it would be to do that with my mother....

And then there is my mother, who will happily talk to you but not make any sense.  I showed her a picture of the marble Madonna that I posted here a few days ago. 

She thought she was "a pretty lady" and wanted to know if she lived near us.  That's kind of how our conversation went.

Through it all, I was thinking of the woman who works there.  Her name may be Mala.

She is so good with these people (and the dogs), but I was thinking about what it must be like to work there in the house all by herself, with five people that you can't talk to.  What a lonely job she must have!  And there is a problem with her too, since her accent (probably Indian) is so strong I can't understand most of what she says, so it's difficult to have a conversation with her too.  At least if I ask her something, I know she is answering my question, even if I can't understand what she says.  I did learn that she has two kids, 22 and 18, though.

When I left, I stopped at the supermarket to pick up a couple of things.  I came home, after spending >$100 and told Walt he was going to have to do all the shopping now because there are so many new good/interesting things on the shelves I can't be trusted to just buy a couple of things.



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