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27 June 2019

Ned and Marta had a  great 27th anniversary.  The went to San Francisco for the weekend, leaving Bouncer here with us.  They spent two nights in a lovely motel with a view of the ocean, ate at a restaurants with great views, walked across the Golden Gate bridge and enjoyed the wonderful weather .... there is nothing more beautiful than San Francisco on a beautiful clear day.

Our 54th anniversary today was a bit quieter.  We gave each other cards (mine was a true "anniversary" card...I found it in an old scrapbook so it was 55 years old!  His was better, and definitely more timely


He went to the office for the day, I took a long nap and started watching the debate, but turned it off so we could go out to dinner.

We seem to go to the same handful of places all the time, and Davis is loaded with restaurants we've never visited, so I suggested we go somewhere we had not been before.  I'd been reading about "Our house" for some time and suggested that.

When we got in the place, I realized I had been there many years ago (3 managements ago, as it turns out...and "Our House" has been there for 8 years!).  I don't drink any more but was tempted by their special "Butterfly Gin and Tonic"

It was beautiful and tasted great.   It's described as "butterfly pea flower infused gin, orange flower water, tonic, fresh orange and mint.  Served with a paper straw, thank you (because this is Davis after all!)

For dinner we both had gnocchi with pork belly, creamy pesto and a poached egg.

it was delicious, but Tom spoiled me many years ago.  On his birthday  barbeque he cooked pork belly -- first time I'd ever had it.  It was so good that I imagine it must be what it's like to take heroin or cocaine, where the first high is so wonderful you keep looking forward to repeating it, and never can.  I've ordered pork belly several places and have cooked it a couple of times and it's ok, but it hasn't come near that first pork belly Tom cooked for me.

But it was a good dinner and when it was over, they presented us with a bill inside a little story book, which people may (or may not) sign with their comments about their experience.

I found a page with a picture of a woman so sour faced that I was moved to sign the page and say the woman needed a Butterfly Gin and Tonic!

We skipped dessert because we had ice cream bars and Jeopardy waiting for us at home.  Now our anniversary is over and it's on to our 55th year.


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