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18 June 2019

I went to Trader Joe's for the first time in a long time (Walt usually does any shopping we need done there) and was pleased to see how many new things there were.  The peach and strawberry flavored sparkling wines made me almost want to start drinking wine again).

As I walked around, I was thinking of Lacie and her lists.  Laurel says that Lacie loves making lists so much that she bought her a notebook that she could keep her lists in.  (When she grows up, she'll be great for Thursday 13!)

As I looked at the new items and the old items at Trader Joe's, I was mentally making a list of all the things that I wish I liked.

1.  Lobster.  I first heard about eating lobster when I was in high school reading my then-favorite book, "Marjorie Morningstar."  Marjorie eats lobster for the first time and it was a visceral experience, dripping with butter.  All I could think of for years is how much I wanted to try lobster and how I would love it.  But whenever it was on the menu, it was so horrendously expensive I never ordered it.  But somehow a few years ago, I had lobster for the first time...tender, juicy and dripping with butter just like I'd always imagined, with a bowl full of melted butter for extra dipping.  I was so disappointed.  I didn't like it at all.  Dungeness crab was so much better.  Over the years, I have tried lobster again a couple of times and have never eaten it without thinking of how it pales in comparison to crab.

2.  Goat Cheese.  Oh how many wonderful sounding things are made with goat cheese.  White and creamy and delicious.  Only I hate it.  I want to like it, but I don't.  I'd rather have cream cheese or something like Boursin.  There are wonderful dishes that sound so good that I never order because they are made with goat cheese.

3.  Oysters.  How I hate oysters.  The idea of eating them raw repulses me, but I have tried them many times fixed in different ways and could not stomach more than a bite.  Walt once took me to an oyster restaurant where he ordered a dish for me that had oysters cooked every way possible.  How could I not love deep fried oysters?  But I didn't like any of them, and Walt ate the lunch.  I was always disappointed in this when we went to family reunions, where there were always barbequed oysters and people lined up to eat them and marvel over how good they were.

4.  Kale.  It's the new "in" thing and I cooked so much of it when we were doing Blue Apron (Home Chef seems to prefer carrots to kale).  Jeri has been pushing kale and Walt likes it, but it just doesn't tickle my taste buds.  Whenever kale shows up in our food basket, I usually cook half of it and give most of the finished product to Walt.

5. Liver.  When the kids were little, especially when I was nursing, everyone told me that liver was the best thing for me.  When I did Weight Watchers in the early years you were supposed to eat liver once a week.  Whenever I told people that I hated liver I was invariably told that I just hadn't had it with enough onions or enough bacon.  And I would try, but trust me, there aren't enough onions or bacon in the world to make me like liver.  If there is any good thing it's that now they tell you liver is bad for you!  (I was right all along)

6. Stinky cheese.  I like cheese, but mild cheeses.  I don't even mean stinky like Limburger but any strong-tasting cheese.  Often the Food Network will show you how to assemble a cheese plate and it just has no appeal to me whatsoever. Give me slices of Swiss, mild Cheddar and a block of cream cheese and I'm happy.

7. Salmon.  I don't hate salmon, but I don't really like it much.  I cook it frequently because it's often a choice in our Home Chef menu and I know it's good for you, but I rarely eat much of it, and give the rest to Walt.  I like smoked raw salmon, but regular salmon streaks, not so much.

8. Margarine.  I never liked it and it pleased me when they finally decided that butter was better for you after all.  You wait long enough and finally it's your turn!

Of course, over the years, my taste buds have changed

1.  I used to hate mushrooms.  They gagged me.  Now I can't imagine not loving them.  I love to cook mushrooms in just about anything.

2.  When I was a kid, for some reason I absolutely could not eat raw carrots.  I would chew and chew and chew and end up with something similar to a cow's cud, but could never swallow it.  I don't know when that little idiosyncrasy ended.  Now I enjoy carrots, raw or cooked and love to make carrot-raisin salad.

3.  Waldorf salad.  My mother liked to try different things for salad each Christmas, though the regular dinner was always the same.  One year she made Waldorf salad.  I happened to be sick that Christmas and was in bed. . She brought me dinner and shortly after eating the salad, I vomited.  It was decades before I could even look at Waldorf salad without getting nauseous, which is strange because I like each of the ingredients independently!

Lately I'm discovering that my taste for beef is changing.  It's not something I hate or something I love, but something I prefer not to eat much of any more, which is good for Walt because when Home Chef gives us steak, he gets most of it.


Lacie loves to make lists, her mother says

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