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11 June 2019

If she hadn't died in 1969, yesterday would have been Judy Garland's 97th birthday.  I wonder what Judy Garland would be like at 97.....

I've been thinking about her this week.  HBO just released the latest A Star Is Born and I saw it come up in the TV listings.  I have been avoiding that movie, though everyone says it's wonderful.  As anyone who has read this journal for any length of time knows. the Judy Garland version is sacrosanct to me and I hated what Barbra Streisand did to it, so I certainly was not going to see Lady Gaga.

But curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It's not my kind of music and once I had the idea of what the movie would be like, I turned it off about 1/3 of the way through.

But I did give them kudos for the opening credits, which run over the music to the start of "Over the Rainbow," which nobody knows.

When all the world is a hopeless jumble
And the raindrops tumble all around
Heaven opens a magic lane
... etc

Nobody sings it, there is no mention of what it is, but Garland people know. 

I talked about that with my friend Michael, another Garland nut and he agreed that was a nice touch but that he hadn't liked the movie because it had become HIS story, not HER story.  Then I really knew I didn't want to see it.

Then Walt's sister and her husband stopped by today for a brief visit on their way to Tahoe and she brought me this magazine:

It's the story of the recovery of the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz which had been stolen from the Judy Garland museum in Grand Rapids in 2005, and missing until 2018.  I haven't read the whole article yet.

As I recall, there were, I think, five pairs of ruby slippers.  I know there was a pair in the Smithsonian, and obviously one in this museum and if you read  Wikipedia, there is a long history of who had which shoes.  I think Debbie Reynolds had a pair at one time, which she sold along with a lot of other beloved Hollywood memorabiliz

So with Judy on my mind today, I put on one of my Judy Garland t-shirts, and wore my ruby slippers earrings and went out to lunch with my friend Kathleen.

We went to the Black Bear Diner, our new "regular" place.  I've been there several times and have never been disappointed, but today I had perhaps the worst lunch ever.  I have, in the past, had a breakfast special but this time I went with the Tri-
Tip Dip.  I love beef dip sandwiches, but should know better than to order one where the menu says that it "comes with au jus."  There is no such thing as "au jus."  And if it "comes with au jus" that means it's not the beef juice from cooking the beef, but the will give you a cup of beef broth.

Not only that, but the dip sandwiches I've always had have been wonderful rare roast beef sliced thin, all juicy in themselves.  This was very dry well done beef and dipping it in soup didn't help it.  I only ate half of it and brought it home for Walt.  He eats at Black Bear regularly too with his old work buddies and when I told him where I got the sandwich and that I thought it was terrible, he agreed  that "it's not very good."  Shame on you, Black Bear Diner!!



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