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10 June 2019

I woke up on the morning of Donut Day to the sound of Kelly and Ryan enjoying donuts and talking about donut day.  I was in pajamas and not ready to leap out of bed to go and get donuts just yet, but I eventually did and by 9:45, I presented myself to my standby donut shop.

I had asked Walt what kind he wanted and he ordered chocolate donuts.  I usually get sugar and/or glazed for myself and had decided to just get sugar this time.  My order would be 2 chocolate and  2 sugar.

Only they had no chocolate or sugar or even glazed.  All they had were cake donuts that neither of us like in those wild colors and I posted yesterday.  Obviously the early birds had eaten all the  good donuts.

Yet, I persevered. There is another donut shop in town, so I headed for there.  On the way, guys on the radio were moaning and groaning about what terrible people they were because  they had a donut on donut day and how adults shouldn't eat donuts, and the one guy who did NOT eat a donut was feeling virtuous that he didn't have guilt, but admitted he'd been very jealous watching his friends eat donuts.

The other donut shop was ready for donut day.  They had balloons, a table with free goodies for kids (covered with a table cloth with donuts printed on it) and a stream of people going in and out.  Their tables inside were filled with people drinking coffee, eating donuts, and reading the newspaper.

But that was a disappointment too.  They had no chocolate donuts, but only chocolate cream-filled and no sugar donuts at all, though they did have glazed.  So I bought the chocolate cream donut and a couple of glazed (figuring that the cream donut would fill Walt up after his morning cereal).

When I got home, Ned was here.  I offered him the spare glazed donut, but he had gone to a donut shop yesterday so he already celebrated Donut Day.

Walt ate his chocolate donut and then part of my second glazed and we are now both donut-filled and my craving has disappeared for awhile.

Next year on Donut day, I will be sure to get out at the crack of dawn before those other early birds take all of my donuts.




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