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9 June 2019

Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud)  Cheers to all of us thieves!
What would you rather

1. Would you rather be able to detect any lie you hear or get away with any lie you tell?
Oh detect a lie.  But if I watched a lot of politics on TV, that might drive me crazy!

2. Would you rather be a hopeless romantic or a hopeless unromantic?
I've always been a hopeless romantic.

3. Would you rather have too many friends or too few?
Not sure "too" is the right word here.  I would like to have a few good friends.

4. Would you rather have no taste buds or be blind?
What an awful choice, but let me choose no taste buds. I might lose weight.  And I can always listen to the TV or audio books.

5. Would you rather never hear music again or lose the ability to read?
I used to listen to music a lot, but now rarely do and I would hate...hate...hate to be unable to read.

6. Would you rather find true love or be rich?
True love.  At my age, what would I do with too much money?

7. Would you rather be the richest person or the smartest?
Re question #6, definitely the smartest (and if you were very smart, I suspect you could also become very rich too)

8. Would you rather create history or delete it?
Definitely create it.  We are seeing now what happens when "certain people" work to delete history and it's a crime.

9. Would you rather create a great piece of art and not get credit or get credit for a piece of art you didn’t create?
The joy is in the creation.  If I was happy with it and others liked it, it would really be OK if nobody knew I did it.  I once made three beautiful cakes for a reception for a retiring actress.  My pleasure came in watching others enjoy them and I don't think she (or anyone else) had a clue who made them.  Watching people's reaction to them makes that day one of my favorites.

10. Would you rather age from the neck up, or from the neck down.
What a choice.  I guess neck mother has aged from the neck up (dementia) and it is not anything I hope to experience.

11. Would you rather see the world but live in poverty or stay in one place and live rich?
My traveling days are probably over, so I'd rather stay in one place...I don't care if I have to be "rich" or not.

12. Would you rather become famous or powerful?
Powerful.  Being famous can be a pain in the patootie.

13. Would you rather be a creative person or a technical person?
It depends on whether my computer is working that day or not (LOL).  But seriously, I would love to be creative.

14. Would you rather get a paper cut whenever you touch paper or bit your tongue whenever you eat something?
Good lord.  I do the second too often but the paper cut isn't fun either.  I suspect I'd prefer it, though, if I absolutely have to choose.

15. Would you rather wake up in the morning looking like a giraffe or a kangaroo?
Our ceilings are too low for me to wake up looking like a giraffe...and kangaroos are cute.

16. Would you rather speak “whale” or read babies’ minds.
I have little opportunity to need whale-speak but it would be interesting to read a baby's mind...or a dog's, for that matter (that would be much more useful to me!!)

17. Would you rather eat pizza every day or never eat pizza again?
I can live without pizza. 

18 Would you rather stay forever at your current age or be 10 years younger?
Definitely 10 years younger, and lose some of these old age aches and pains!


Dodgers vs. Giants

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