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26 July 2019

My latest Swapbot project is to make a list of lists.  We have a long list of topics from which to choose and we are to have at least five entries in each list.  I've listed things like favorite movies, foods, books, etc. too many times so I thought I would go with the more oddball subjects.

Things that make you nostalgic

1. Looking through old photo albums
2. Any picture or article about old San Francisco
3. Going to a Lamplighters show
4. Sorting through boxes and finding our life history packed away!
5. Participating in a few new groups I've found on Facebook for people who are either native San Franciscans, or who have lived there and are sharing memories

Random Memories

1. My first experience with death--seeing a black wreath on the door of the lilttle corner grocery store near our house, knowing that the wife of the owner had died.
2. My kitten, Socksie.  A local grocer gave him to my mother when he learned I was home in bed with the measles
3. Ice skating at San Francisco's Sutro baths in high school
4. Ned returning home from Brasil after living there a year
5. The smell of mocha -- Our house was between the Ghirardelli chocolate factory and Hills Brothers coffee factory and I smelled mocha most mornings walking to school.

Foods you don't like

1. Liver
2. Beets
3. Kale
4. stinky cheese
5. oysters

Crafts you enjoy doing

1. Scrapbooking
2. making journals
3. cake decorating
4. collages
5. pocket letters

Things that annoy you

1. The smoke detector that goes off if I turn on the stove
2. Constant advertising under the TV program you're trying to watch
3. People who look down their nose at anything NOT PBS.
4. robocalls (which seems to be all we get!)
5. food trapped between your teeth that you can't quite get out!

Favorite Facebook Groups

1. Remembering San Francisco
2. San Francisco Natives
3. Compassion Correspondents
4. Outlander Series, Books and TV
5. What's for Dinner?
6. Memory People (for dementia)

Ned and Marta are in Santa Barbara this week; Marta had meetings in the area.  Tom and Laurel are off at softball championships with Bri, so Ned and Marta are staying with Alice Nan and Joe.  Joe is also a guitar player, so he and Ned are having a good time "jamming" together.



Laurel's comment:  "Bri caught the pop fly to end the game!! 9-1,
and we play again at 8 PM!!!"


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