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19 July 2019

I was born and raised a Catholic.

I went to 12 years of Catholic school.

At one point I had my trunk packed and airline ticket in hand, ready to join the convent, when my friend, Sister Anne, counseled me and suggested I give it six months to think about it seriously.

I taught catechism at the Newman Hall in Berkeley.

I sang in choirs for Mass in just about every church we attended.

But I haven't been to church in more than 30 years.

My reasons for leaving the church are many, and I don't need to go into them, but it was around the time the pedophilia scandal erupted.  I had known about the problem for many years, shaking my head as I heard of one or another priest who was transferred from one church to another, to work with yet another group of children.

But it was more than just the pedophilia, there were several other reasons that made me realize as I stood at Mass and professed my agreement with the teaching of the church that I just didn't believe the words I was saying any longer.

I have only fleetingly regretted my decision.  I miss the pageantry.  When Gilbert died, I felt I had to go to church to pray.  But all things considered, I do not regret no longer lying about my beliefs.

Today I was surprised and very pleased to find that I was proud of the Catholic church.

More than 60 priests and nuns were arrested while praying the rosary as they rallied at Capitol Hill to protest the government’s treatment of children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

It was called "A Catholic Day of Action for Detained Immigrant Children" by the organizers.

“I just think that we can do better as a nation,” said Walter Liss, a Franciscan brother who attended the protest. “I just don’t like what I’ve seen on TV the way that people are being treated and or scapegoated, you know, how people especially people of color from other countries are being blamed for all sorts of problems in society.”

The group hoped to put pressure on the Trump administration and lawmakers in Congress to end “the immoral and inhumane practice of detaining immigrant children.”

Of course that will have no effect unless they can promise a gazillion votes go with helping the children, but I have been upset that there has been no widespread religious outrage to the condition of the kids.  In interviews you might see a minister or a nun or something talking about it, but no group demonstration.  The protest was actually organized by several faith-based organizations, including Faith in Public Life, Faith in Action and Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Catholic priests, nuns, and lay members.

But thank GOD (literally) that religion is finally starting to care about these children.

Now where is the demonstration by "Right to Life" groups, or are they only concerned with the life of unborn fetuses?

Today I am proud of the Catholics and may their protests continue until we get those children out of jail!

There has been, of course much talk about the president's racist comments, including apparently two hours in the House discussing whether or not you could call his comments racist from the floor of the House.  And, as many have pointed out, this must thrill Trump because it is a silly argument that is taking up ALL the time and deflects attention off of other more important, Nancy Pelosi has had to defend "the squad," and now Trump can point at her for negative things. 

My biggest fear is that he is orchestrating this thing so well, as a TV producer, that he is going to orchestrate himself into a second term...and will our democracy stand eight years of Donald Trump?

Talking heads have pointed out the importance of getting involved.  There are few things I can actually DO (can't walk to the corner, much less participate in a march; can't stand for longer than a few minutes, so a demonstration is out), but my part is to remind people, I guess, what is at stake, and what is still going on.  At least I am speaking out, when so many won't discuss it at all, turning their heads because it's uncomfortable to discuss.

So I am proud of the Catholic church for demonstrating to protect the children, though we all know there isn't a sympathetic bone in the president's body and it will have no effect at all...other than to remind people that they are still in jail -- and that people actually care about that.



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