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18 July 2019

"Go back to where you came from," says the President of the United States to four of the country's citizens, three of whom were born here, all of whom have been elected by their communities.  What they have in common is the color of their skin, which is different from the orange of the leader of the free world. "Send her back" is the "Lock her Up" of the 2020 election.  Ilhan Omar has been in the United States longer than Melania Trump

I am having a hard time listening to the news since we returned from Santa Barbara.  They did not listen to the news in Santa Barbara, at least not much, and so I pretty much went cold turkey on what was going on in the world, or at least what new horrible things had come out of Washington, DC.  Instead I played with the little kids and laughed with the adults and was not constantly reminded of the thousands of children in Trump jail, or any of the dozens of crimes of which the president has been accused.

Now that I can watch the news again, things are so ugly and I find everything makes me want to cry.  Or turn the news off. 

But isn't that what we're supposed to do?  Ignore what is going on, pretend that everything is hunky dory because we aren't affected by the terrible things that have been created by this administration.

Is that what the good people of Germany did in the 30s?  Turned a blind eye because it was too uncomfortable to think about what was going on...until it was too late?

Nobody seems to talk about the kids any more unless there are terrible stories like the one recently where a 3 year old was given a "Sophie's Choice" (ironically her name was Sofi), having to choose which of her parents she would stay with and which would be sent back to Mexico.  But the conditions in all of the immigrant prisons make me cry, especially the children who don't know where their parents are, who have no space to sleep, mylar blankets, no showers, etc, and who are told they cannot even hug each other.

I want to cry when I read first that scientists are forbidden to mention the phrase "climate change" and now that they are all being shipped out of DC to the Kansas.  I look at what pollution used to be like all the time, and the clear skies we have now and it hurts to know we will soon be seeing pollution again.

This is what we breathe.

Despite Trump's claims of being an environmental leader, under his presidency he's actually rolled back 83 environmental rules and his impulsive tariffs have caused significant job loss in the solar industry.

I cry when I read that Trump wants to sell parts of public lands for commercial development.   I don't see condo units along the rim of the Grand Canyon, but one of the beauties of the country is the saving of so many beautiful areas that would be developed eventually, if this goes through.

I cry when I read that so many of the hard-won rights of the gay community have been wiped away -- you can now be fired for being gay, denied housing for being gay, denied service at a commercial business (like a bakery) for being gay.  Each of those rights was such a hard won victory that is wiped away by a single executive order.

I hurt for the reduction in funds for education and for most of the decisions that  Betsy deVos has made.

I grieve that Tump has made hunting animals facing extinction in Africa legal again.

I hurt for the women in the states where having the right to make decisions about their own bodies has been taken away from them.

I hate that the military is now discharging immigrant recruits who were promised citizenship, without explanation for why they are being discharged.

I hate how prevalent guns have become and how little people seem to care until there is a mass shooting.  One guy hides a bomb in a shoe on an airplane and for decades we all have to take off our shoes at airports, but how many kids have been killed by guns and what has congress done about it?

I hate how Rand Paul has blocked the bill for health care for 9/11 first responders, especially after the emotional meeting with the responders recently.

I hate how Mitch McConnell refuses to bring ANY bill sent by the house to be voted on by the senate to the floor.

I hate that Trump's "best friends" are the guy who oversaw the killing and dismembering, of Jamal Khashoggi; the guy who executed his entire staff after a failed meeting with Trump; and Vladamir Putin, who must laugh himself to sleep at night for how easy he finds it to manipulate Trump.

I hate that we seem to have lost "empathy," and are more judgmental than sympathetic to the plight of others.

Mostly I hate how divided we have become, how suspicious we are of "others" and how we make judgments based on people's appearance without knowing a single thing about them. 

And it seems that I find something that brings me to tears every night these days.  Yet, I feel I need to be "informed" so I keep watching...



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