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15 July 2019

Getting back to the end of our trip, we lounged around Alice & Joe's house for the morning and finally started packing up to leave by noon.  I have spoken before about "Hour Baur," the inability of anybody related to Walt to just say goodbye and leave.  The goodbyes go on for minutes...hours...sometimes days.

I think it only took half an hour to get as far as the car, where we finally finished up Hour Baur so we could be on our way.

Alice and Joe have to be the best hosts ever.  They have so many people in the family staying with them and are always so gracious and generous.  When we are staying for a longer time, as we were this time, I try to stay in my own little corner(s) so I don't disrupt their lives too much. 

The first hour of our drive was quiet, since I had forgotten to charge the iPod, so we could not start listening to our book until it charged.  but I had a book to read so I did that while the iPod did its thing.

We made a rest stop at Camp Roberts and it was a surprise to see a warning I had never seen before:

Usually I stay in the car at these rest stops, but I desperately needed a bathroom.  It was HOT outside.  There were about 6 women ahead of me in line and the bathrooms were filthy and disgusting, but I was grateful to make it in time.  If we had arrived 10 minutes later, I would not have, as the line stretched out the door and nearly to the parking lot.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful and because of the nice package of snacks Alice Nan had packed for us, we didn't need to stop for dinner.

Ned was here when we got home, eager to show us all the changes they had made while we were gone.  The bathroom is gorgeous, the new sliding glass door may not be photogenic, but if you've fought with the old door for as many years as we have, you'll know how wonderful it is.  The new kitchen sink is great, and much deeper than the old one.

Marta had moved all of my clothes to a new dresser so they could free up the space under the kitchen counter.  There was a new pegboard on the counter, a new silverware drawer, and I'm sure we are still finding all the changes.  Mostly I have a living room back.  It's not completely clear of boxes, but there is SPACE in there now.

So our vacation is over and the homecoming was special.  Now to settle in start learning how to live with all the new "stuff."


Part of what Ned and Marta moved out of the house last week


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