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12 July 2019

We will soon be on the road heading home but what a great last day we had.  Thank goodness for termites.  If they had not needed an extra day to get rid of the other termites they found when installing our new sliding glass door, we would have been driving home on this day, instead of having such a wonderful day.

It started with brunch with friends at a restaurant on the beach. My crab cakes were SO much better than I had the other day. 

At the end of brunch we were invited to bring the girls to view the infamous Star Wars bathroom and so I crossed something off my bucket list. Ever since they became Star Wars fans, I have wanted to show them this room.  The girls were suitably impressed.

The room is filled with Star Wars "stuff."  This is all the stuff kids can play with.  The "good stuff" is stored where it can't be harmed and the whole collection may possibly be sold in the forseeable future, so we were just in time.

R2D2 used to stand opposite a near life size figure of Han Solo.  I remember one night many years ago, spending the night, and when I went to the bathroom, I nearly had a heart attack seeing this "man" standing there in the dark!  But apparently, as all of us do when we age, Han Solo lost a lot of his "oomph" and would no longer stand steadily, so he had to go.

We brought the girls home in time for Bri to get to her softball practice, came home to Alice's briefly, and then back to Tom's to get Lacie for her dance recital. Always such fun to see those little guys "dance," but entirely too many people in too small a room all trying to get photos of their little I didn't even try to take a picture.

In the audience was Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost) whose daughter had also been in Bri's pre-school. He is such an adoring father and positively glows when watching his kids perform.

We said our goodbyes after the show and then, because this family has such a difficult time saying "goodbye," someone suggested dinner at the Nugget restaurant so we all went there. It's a sports bar with dead stuffed heads on the wall and a beautiful bear carcass down the center of the room. I silently apologized to all those beautiful animals who gave their lives so we could eat under their heads.

When Laurel takes group pictures,the way she gets the girls to pose is to promise them they can make whatever funny faces they want as long as she also gets a serious picture.

But dinner was fun and we finally did make our final goodbyes and came home to watch our last night of sports.  I fell asleep before the rest and actually got a solid 4 hours of sleep, which, for me, is amazing.


The girls show team spirit by dying their hair team colors.

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