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10 July 2019

Another day with Lacie. We picked her up at dance camp and went to lunch.  Lacie does not do well with "down time."  Down time is any minute+ period of time when there is nothing going on.  E.g. the restaurant was one where you stand in line to order your food and they deliver to your table.  Alice Nan and Walt were in line to order for maybe 3 minutes, during which time there was much sighing, eye-rolling and proclaiming to be "bored."

While we were eating our meal, she was playing hangman, which was really a lot of fun.  It's so much easier for her now that she can read.  But we got a glimpse of what was going on in her head when she made this hangman:

Then to see Toy Story #4.

Walt and I rarely go to the movies and never order snacks so going to the snack counter to get something for Lacie was a novelty.  I certainly didn't expect to find THIS.

The movie was great fun and given our recent experience trying to find serrated knives before Tom's party, the ending of the movie was hilarious. if only for the three of us.

Back at home Lacie had set up for a talent show. We were all supposed to participate but really she just wanted to dance for us for a very long time. Walt & Alice did the Maryland fight song (with pom poms).  If you are on Facebook, you can find it on my timeline (trust me--it's worth checking out!)

I sang a boring song  and then Lacie gave us extensive rules on what we could not due while she danced (which was pretty much anything NOT giving her undivided attention).  Her instructions went on longer than you get before an airplane starts, and included things like not talking, not looking at each other, and no texting each other rather than talking. She then did a very provocative dance, which shows that she has been watching music videos.  You haven't lived until you've met a 7 year old femme fatale!

Fortunately her friend called over the fence and wanted to come and play so we managed to sneak out while the girls were playing in the back room.

We spent a quiet evening at home and nobody complained if anybody chit-chatted!


I fear Walt was not very attentive to Lacie's talent show!

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