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9 July 2019

If Sunday was "Sports Day," Monday must have been "Lacie Day."  Bri is off at softball camp at the university, and the babysitter has a week off, so Laurel and Tom are relying on Alice Nan to help get Lacie to and/or from her activities.  Alice Nan is the grandma I hoped I'd be for some of my grandchildren, but these are the only ones I have and distance makes me the grandma who visits once or twice a year for a day or two.  But I console myself with the fact that my mother's mother was my favorite grandmother and I almost never saw her when I was the girls' age too.

Lacie is in "dance camp" this week, a couple of hours of dance for the under-10 set.  Laurel (I think) took her to her class and we picked her up.  Always such fun watching these little guys cavorting around.

Alice asked Lacie if she wanted to go out to lunch, which she did.  Alice's idea was a sit-down restaurant, preferably with a view of the bay so we could watch ships.  Lacie's idea was Taco Bell, which Alice Nan doesn't like.  They compromised on In and Out, because it has stickers for kids to play with while waiting for food.

When lunch was finished we went back to Lacie's house.  Tom has a home office and was working so we stayed with Lacie for an hour or so.  Alice Nan thought a nice board game would be fun to play, but Lacie wanted to do something with music.  First she got her playlist and would play a tune and ask us to guess the name.  Since none of us has any idea of current popular music we were woefully inadequate (though I admit to sneaking a peak at Spotify a couple of times!)

Since we were no good at that, Lacie decided that one person should sit with her eyes closed while the others hid around the house and when the "it" person hears music, she should come looking for whoever had the player.  That's when I discovered how very bad my hearing was.  I was "it" and could not hear a thing, though Walt heard it plainly.

That game being a bust, she decided we'd do the "hot/cold" game, where someone would hide something and the others had to find it and the closer you were, instead of saying "hot" you turned up the volume on the music, or down if you were "cold."  It is obvious that this 9 year old is becoming a pre-teen and far more interested in popular music than boring old board games!

We left to go home for a bit so Walt and I could nap and then Alice Nan got Lacie and brought her to her karate class.  Walt and I met her there, because we needed our car later.

That had to be the cutest karate class ever.

The smallest guy is named Nico and is standing next to Lacie

It's amazing how much exercise they get in that 45 minutes.  And something terrifying to watch a sweet little girl take such relish in punching her teacher in the stomach (padded, of course).

We left them, then, and went to the house of our friends D and G.  These are very private people who are very concerned about being visible on social media, so I will just refer to them as D and G.  G was my roommate for a while in college, and D was Walt's best friend.  We were in each other's weddings, are godparents to each other's kids, and have been good friends for 60 years, which I find amazing since we are polar opposites in our views on lots of issues, specifically politics and religion.  But our friendship remains intact because we just never discuss anything controversial and that works well.

D is known far and wide for his rum punch and he always makes it for us when we visit.  I don't drink hard liquor any more but do make an exception for D's rum punch, which was as delicious as I remember, except for the part that I spilled on my cell phone.

G and I are both inveterate scrap book keepers.  Mine have always been fairly utilitarian; hers are works of art.  Her current project is putting together a history of D's family (she has already done her own), going back a couple of generations and the 4 volumes will eventually take her up to the present.  Book 1 includes the correspondence between D's father and mother during the year leading up to their marriage.

D's father was a prominent physicist and studied under J. Robert Oppenheimer, who hand wrote a letter to D's grandfather when his son received his PhD, talking about how proud the parents must be and what promise he showed.  Now THERE is a keepsake!  I only knew D's father as the guy who invented a "death ray" that was only good for opening potato chip bags.

We had a lovely dinner -- G has always been an excellent cook -- and I even had wine, which I never have.  We got caught up on their kids and our kids and what they are doing now, had the usual "organ recital" where I discovered how many of G's health quirks are identical to mine (specifically her sleep pattern and the pain in her feet), and compared notes on who we knew who had died.  The conversation of the older generation.

Nothing even touched on politics, I was relieved to see -- I knew it would not but something she said in her email inviting us to dinner made me worried.  #45 is not worth ending a 60 year friendship over, and he didn't.  And I came home feeling all warm and fuzzy and remembering why I love these two people so much, despite our differences.


Isn't this a great chip bowl?  If you lift the top of the ball,
it plays "take me out to the ball game" and holds your salsa.


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