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8 July 2019

The morning began, bright and early, with watching the women's wonderful World Cup soccer win.  I'm not a big soccer fan, nor a sports fan, but that was thrilling.

Brianna was in day #2 of the "Swing into Summer Softball Classic," where her  team played the other teams in the league for the championship.  They had done very well on the first day and had three games to play today.  Tom said the first game was not going to be that good (their team would easily win) so we drove up the 50 some-odd miles for game #2 and #3. 

I counted about 8-9 people in the stands rooting for Brianna, including Lacie, who was less interested in the game and more interested in getting comfortable.  That is a long day for a kid who isn't interested in what's going on!

Bri played left field, a mostly thankless position, though she did get a chance to participate in some pretty good plays.  I was amazed watching these girls, all of whom look so tiny and "weak" and watching them hit balls out into the back of the field or throw a ball across the field.  It was amazing.  Bri was one of the smallest and has quite an arm on her.  I was definitely impressed.....this was certainly more interesting than the old days of t-bal!

The girls on both sides were loudly enthusiastic and the woman next to me even more so until it became too painful to keep my hearing aids in and I took them out.  That helped.  A little.

The team did great and won all 3 of their games, and the championship in the 10 and under division. I'm not sure any of them were 10, though may have been so at the start of the year.

When it was all over, we were back in the car and stopped at a place called "Industrial Eats" (I think that is what Tom called it, though it only said "Eats" on the neon sign).

This may have been the noisiest place I have ever eaten--even noisier than restaurants in New York.  Definitely not a place where you are going to sit and have a visit, especially since it was full and the only place where there were 4 seats together was on metal stools at the counter, so being the last in the line, I couldn't hear a thing the others were saying.

But it had a very unusual menu

Walt, Alice Nan and I all had the peach, burrata, fennel and basil plate which was delicious.

Joe opted for the beef tongue sandwich reuben, which he said was also delicious.  None of us were adventurous enough to try the pheasant, rabbit, chicken liver or duck egg.

Then it was home to check on the baseball and golf that had been recorded while we were gone. I was exhausted, though, and dozing off when the TV was turned off.  I slept a good 5 hours, which is amazing for me. 

Then the computer decided to fool me.  I got up at 4 and discovered that I actually had internet connection again.  I was able to download all of the pictures for yesterday's entry and get it ready to upload, but that's when the connection closed again, and every link I tried said "server not found," so at least I have it laid out, but who knows when I will post it -- or this entry.

We have decided to stay an extra day.  Bri is at softball camp at the university, where she is staying two nights and won't be home until Wednesday.  We planned to go home on Wednesday, but wanted to have a bit more time with Bri, so we will go home on Thursday and have Ned and Marta's permission to do so.



Us with Bri (note Lacie's level of involvement)

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