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7 July 2019

It was a perfect party, for about 60-70 people and for something not actually put on by the 49ers, it was a great salute to the team, and its biggest fan.

Laurel and Bri had gone up to a softball tournament, so were not going to be at the party.  Norm has an app on his phone that lets him follow the little league games and thus he was able to announce when Bri hit a triple and drove in four runs.

Walt and I went to the store in the morning to pick up Tom's cake. I still had to put the topper on it, since the bakery wouldn't do it.  I was terrified I would screw it up, but I didn't.  It was easier than the one page typed instructions would have you believe.

In the meantime, Alice Nan and Olivia were running around town picking up balloons, while Joe was at the park unloading all of the stuff they would need for the barbeque.  When it was all done, it looked great, with a poster of Tom holding Lacie as a football on her first Halloween (she was about a month and a half), 49er flags, a 49er tablecloth and all that food waiting to be cooked.

One of the earliest guests was my friend Lynn, with whom I used to work at Women's Health and who now lives in Ventura. We haven't seen each other in several years and it was nice to see her again.  (The guy next to her is Tom's friend Mike Kelly, who comes to these BBQs every year and whom Lynn had just met)

And then came the steady stream of guests, most of whom brought food.  Tom and Joe were at their usual places at the big BBQ pit.

Around 3, we ate, our selections from among:  spare ribs, tri-tip, pork belly, chicken, salmon. shrimp and various veggies.  Everything was delicious.  When it was cake time, I found the 4 and 9 candles I'd bought, a woman took the cake around so everyone could see it and then tom cut it with the new 49er knife he had received the night before..

Because we brought the cake out sooner than usual, there were more people there to eat it and so we had very little left over,

also people played games until the sun finally went down,

We had a minor crisis.  Walt lost his car key.  He searched everywhere and it just was not there.  Fortunately I had my key with me so we were able to drive the car home, but then there was concern that we would lose our only key.  But when he started getting ready for bed, he found the key in his shirt pocket--the only place (obviously) that he had not looked before, so all ended well.

Tom is now an official "49er."  His 50th is going to be a great let down!




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