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6 July 2019

As I write this, it is 3 a.m. and I'm sitting in a quiet house surrounded by 49er "stuff."  Today is the day of Tom's big birthday party on the beach and yesterday (his real birthday) was spent mostly getting ready for today.

In the morning, Walt and I went to the supermarket to order his cake.  I was disappointed that they won't do what I wanted them to do -- add something I bought especially for this cake -- so I have to do that myself, and I'm scared of screwing it up later today.  But the cake itself is ordered.

The hunt for "the perfect knife" continued.  Alice Nan and Olivia went to 2 or 3 more stores and brought home more knives, but still have not found what Olivia hoped for.  However, suffice it to say that we will have more than enough inferior quality knives to offer the guests today.

In the afternoon we went to the "open house" at the school where the girls have been taking summer fun classes. Lacie's class was a junior chef and she had tastes for us. She made chocolate yogurt brownies, some sort of apple thing, and broccoli cheese balls.

We didn't have time to savor the foods, tho, because we had to rush to Bri's class, which was one of those "escape" games, where we were supposed to follow clues to help find the medicine that would save one of the kids from dying.  The group dutifully followed the clues, while the class laughed at the ineptitude (but eventually the medicine was found and the child was saved).

I have to say that in all the rushing around, I was incredibly impressed with Laurel.  I was barely keeping up, limping along in my Birkenstocks and she was wearing these:

In the late afternoon, Walt and I went over to sit with the girls while the others went to Costco to buy food for the picnic.  Lacie has a best friend who lives next door and the two of them talk to each other over the fence.

Eventually the little girl came over and the two of them disappeared into the bedroom for the afternoon, leaving us with a nice chance to have a visit with Brianna, who was happy we had brought my mother's little dog collection for them.

Eventually everyone arrived and Tom cooked his own birthday dinner, and while we were sitting outside waiting for dinner, there was another earthquake--stronger than the day before, which was a 6.4.  This one was a 7.1, which is a pretty big jolt (bigger than the quake which destroyed the freeway overpass in Berkeley several years ago).  Again the epicenter was 150 miles from us, but it was felt as far north as Davis and as far south as San Diego--and even in Arizona (in a California border town), according to all the tweets that appeared. 

I was amused to read that on this date a year ago, when we were preparing for the big BBQ, there was a fire in Santa Barbara and we were afraid we were going to be evacuated!

Dinner was, of course, delicious, after which there were 49er themed cupcakes.

And then there were presents.  What do you give a gourmet chef who is also an avid 49er fan?  49er cooking stuff!

We eventually came home and were in bed rather soon.  Today will be a big day with more gourmet cooking.  Tom got my hint of a few weeks ago, when I talked about pork belly and he is making that today, which I am looking forward to.

Now it is nearly 4 a.m. and I'm going to see if I can possibly get in another couple of hours of sleep before the house comes alive again.

Swell....the web site to load this page is not coming up.  All this work in the middle of the night for nothing.  I hope I can upload later in the morning.


Bri's green hair.  Uncle Ned will be so proud!


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