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5 July 2019

I found the Kindle and the tablet, so I didn't forget them after all.

The morning started with an earthquake...a 6.4 with epicenter about 100 miles away, so all we got was a rolling sensation for a few seconds.  This is apparently the largest earthquake to hit Southern California since the one in 1996 which was so terribly destructive (a 6.6).  Fortunately the area where the quake was centered was not heavily populated, but news is showing lots of stores with all sorts of stuff knocked off the shelves.

It hit about the time that CNN was starting to cover the "Aren't I great" celebration in DC and someone claimed that the earthquake was "fake news'" ploy to get them to cover that instead of the DC doings.

The day passed quietly.  The most important thing was Finding Knives.  There will be meat at the party and Olivia especially was concerned that we have tableware that is strong enough to cut meat.  She and Alice Nan went off in search of cutlery, being frustrated to learn that you can't sell PLASTIC table ware here, for ecological reasons  Walt found a box of knives made from avocados that seemed strong, but not strong enough, they discovered when they brought them home.

So Olivia and Alice Nan went out again on a hunt.  In the meantime, I noticed Walt was on the internet on his computer and I asked him how he had gotten onto Joe's wifi and he pointed out to me that I was trying to connect the wrong account.  Dumb me.  Amazing what a difference it makes when you try the right account.

I got some internet stuff done, including posting yesterday's entry up and I did some reading.

We did watch a bit of the DC stuff, for my part only because the TV was on CNN and they were broadcasting it.  Part of me was glad to hear Trump give a speech about the country (I only heard bits and pieces of it) because I thought by reading his speech off the teleprompter, maybe he'd actually learn some US history, though I don't kid myself into thinking that would change one iota of his feeling for how he wants to govern this country.

Eventually Trump was done in by baseball and a game went on -- I don't know who was playing, but not the Giants...and here I had worn my Giants T-shirt too.

Joe made burgers for us for dinner and they were delicious.  I don't eat much at dinner lately so I was surprised when I finished my whole burger.

Joe and Walt had scoped out places to watch fireworks tonight and so plans were made to meet Tom and everyone for the big show.  Joe packed up lots of snacks for the 23 minute extravaganza.

I don't think I've been to fireworks in Santa Barbara. I truly am not a fireworks person...I spend too much time thinking about what that money could buy for poor people instead of 23 minutes of oos and ahhs for those who are not poor.

And besides, Alice Nan says that Bri is serious about having a book club meeting while we are here and I have not started "The Hobbit" and figured that what with reading while the others are gone to the fireworks and then probably most of the night when I can't get to sleep (I got 2 hours last night), I should be able to if not FINISH the book, then at least read enough of it that I can participate in a discussion about it.  Though I don't now who will participate.  Jeri has read the book, Alice Nan has not.

The bang of the first firework has just sounded, so I'm going to wrap this up and head back to my recliner and get back to reading.  I will see the girls tomorrow, since we are having dinner at Tom & Laurel's house.



our 4th of July dinner


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