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1 July 2019

When my mother first moved to Atria, there was a woman that I saw just about every time I went to visit her.  She always wore the same blue blouse.  After more than a year, she got someone who seemed to be with her all the time and from time to time she wore a different blouse.

Around that time I happened to notice that though my mother had a whole closet full of clothes, she only wore one of two blouses. 

But then I was looking back on photos from many years ago and it's difficult to find a picture where she is NOT wearing one of those two blouses, so I don't know how long ago that started.

It wasn't until she moved to Eldervilla that she started wearing something else because they seem to have a community closet.  i don't think she's worn her own clothes since she moved there.

But then in going through all these photos that I've been seeing, I realized that though I wear many different t-shirts, if I wear something that is NOT a t-shirt, it's generally the same 2 or 3 shirts.  It's not that I don't have more!

Yesterday Marta came to organize my closet.  She and I did a keep/throw away session and when it was over, she put all my clothes back in my closet, on their nice new black velvet-covered clothes hangers (Joan Crawford would be pleased--not a wire hanger in the bunch).

I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.  Not only did she find things I'd forgotten, but with so much  thrown away, there is actually room to find stuff now.

Many years ago, when The Last Session was nominated for a Critics Circle Award in LA, I went down to the award ceremony and I bought a black velvet dress to wear.  It's my "cocktails with Carol Channing dress."

I rarely have occasion to wear such a dress, but I haven't actually seen it in years.  But now it's hung up in my closet.  I'll probably never again have occasion to wear it, but it's nice to know it's there in case I do.

Now my problem is I have a big clothes hamper of clean clothes that I haven't done anything with because of the termites in the closet (gone now) and now I have to figure out if there is room for them too.  I have more clothes than I dreamed I had.



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