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23 January 2019

Ned has been so generous with his time around here.  He is taking more time off during the day to go to his house and do stuff there, now that Walt is dealing better with things, but he's here every night, sleeping on the couch since I sleep like rock and am aware of nothing once I fall asleep, and if Walt needs assistance at night, Ned is here to help out (lately, he has not been needed).

Our mornings start with a routine I kind of think fondly about.  Nothing special.  Ned sits on the couch with his iPad

while Walt checks his e-mail

and I'm either checking my own email or facebook, or taking pictures of the others.

Ned makes coffee, which I so appreciate (getting up and finding coffee already made), including decaf for Walt.

I sit and drink my coffee and eat my banana.

Like I said, nothing special--just what happens--but it's just kind of nice and comfy and a good way to start the day.

If Ned goes off to Sacramento, Walt usually goes upstairs to his office to do...whatever he does in his office, and nap.  I usually do whatever it is that I do in my office, but yesterday my new book arrived and I spent the whole afternoon reading, after Walt and I worked one of the puzzles Alice Nan left behind.

This is Brianna's choice for our next book club discussion.  It's the story of a boy and his fox and their search for each other after they are separated.  A tear jerker, but an easy read.

With Ned here for dinner each night, I am cooking more healthy than I usually do.  We are trying to follow a Mediterranean diet and Ned makes sure we get something "green" in our meal.  I have set him to make salad for dinner each night.  I have also re-started Home Chef again so I can get fish at least once a week without having to buy it at the store and figure out how to cook it.

And then by 9 p.m. we are starting to think about going to sleep...well, they are.  I'm wondering what I'm going to do with myself.  But now that I have discovered Rachel Maddow on podcast, I listen to her show each night before I go to sleep, since the PBS news has replaced her nightly broadcast, and it doesn't bother the golf.  But I am sleeping more hours now than I have in years, which is nice.

It's going to seem strange when Ned leaves for 3 weeks in Hawaii this weekend.  We'll have a rotating crew of family here to assist, and I supposed we will have new routines.


Lacie decided to try straight hair for a change

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