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4 January 2019

Ever since Polly adopted Walt as her "person," she has decided that his chair is her special place.  For a long time, she would rest there in his lap for hours on end, tummy up so he could pet her.  Way back in June, or whenever it was that he first got a catheter, it bothered him to have her in his lap because it moved the catheter, so he would make sure she didn't climb into the chair with him.

She was not happy with this arrangement and often stood by the chair whining and as soon as he got up, she'd jump into the chair again, and as soon as he came back, he would order her down.  This has been going on for weeks now, the struggle over who was the boss of the chair.

Last night, Polly won the battle.

The emergency room called in mid-afternoon to say that Walt's blood work had shown more infection and that he needed to come in right away. Ned decided I should stay at home and off he went with his Dad.

Walt had been more confused than usual during the afternoon and we were both glad that he would be somewhere with professionals to watch over him, possibly on stronger antibiotics.

I don't remember when it was that Ned called finally but they had been in the waiting room for 2 hours and had finally gotten to an ER exam room, where they were for another few hours, repeating all the tests they had done the night before.

The bottom line was that the doctors felt he should be admitted to the hospital for 1-3 days to see if they could get this infection under control.  I was, all things considered, relieved.  His behavior has been kind of weird and we knew there was something going on and it made me feel better to have him in the hospital.  When Ned called they didn't know if they would be able to find him a bed or if he would have to spend the night in the ER.  Ned was going to stay until he knew where his Dad would be spending the night.  He called an hour or so later to let me know that they found him a room and that he would help to move Walt up before coming home.  He got home at 2 a.m.

But Walt was in a room and settled, and that was a good thing.

This morning Ned and I got out of here as early as possible to spend the day at Kaiser.  We found Walt sitting up in his room and looking downright perky.

It's obvious that he's not ready to come home yet, but it was good to see him looking alert and interested in what was going on around him.  We stayed until around 3 and then Ned brought me home to get ready to go and review a show tonight.

I'm hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon and that he can be home by the weekend.  Polly is not as hopeful about that.



When they found golf on the hospital TV, Ned knew
the night would  go well.


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