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18 February, 2019

I've been using a credit card holder of my mother's for her information -- ID, Kaiser card, etc. and added mine as well.  It's a nice size and fits nicely in a zipper section of my purse.  Only it's falling apart.  The plastic pages are falling out and I have to root through the zipper section to find what I'm looking for.  I'm in the market for a new one.

I went to Target, but they only had wallets in varying sizes, none of which were close to what I wanted.

I tried Amazon and found something that I thought would be perfect, but I forgot to look at the specifications and discovered, when it arrived, that it is the size of those wallets I rejected at Target...and it has room for NINETY credit cards.  I have about 3.  But I like it, so I'll get used to it.  (I have so many empty sleeves that I am using it as a wallet, folding up paper money and putting it in the sleeves.)

I started putting cards in the thing, mine and my mother's, and that's when I discovered that my driver's license expires THIS year, not next year, on my birthday -- in 3 days.  I immediately called DMV to make an appointment and discovered that the first available appointment was in April and there is NO contact information on their web page, so you can neither call the office nor e-mail to find out what to do if you have to drive on an expired license.

The only thing I could do was go to the office and see if I could get it renewed without an appointment.  I knew it would take forEVer, which was verified when I saw the length of the line, which went down three different aisles.  I said 50 people but it was probably more like 30.  I was philosophical about it.  I had expected it and I was prepared with my book.

A DMV guy was going down the line checking to see what each person was there for and when he got to me and I told him I was there to renew my license, he looked at my cane and said "you go to the disabled line."  So he led me to a "line" with just one person in it.  I was checked in in no time, and called to the window in no time.

Two renewals ago I had a cataract and had to have a behind the wheel test and was told from then on I would always have to have a behind the wheel test, but last time they didn't give me one and this guy was kind of confused by it--said that the only person who could take that off the computer was the guy who gave me the test.  But he gave me an eye exam and I aced it.  But he said I would have to go to my doctor (in Sacramento) and have him sign a form saying that yes, the exam I aced was accurate (in case I borrowed someone else's eyes, I guess."

He then gave me a second eye test using a machine that made it impossible for me to cheat and use my good eye to help my bad eye.  But I don't have a bad eye any more so I aced that one too.

The lady who was supposed to arrange for my behind the wheel test, instead took my picture and gave me the written test, which I passed easily and then she just finalized my forms, including the doctor's form, which must be signed by April, and I was out of there in less than an hour and a half.

I was so pleasantly surprised, I came home and wrote to the DMV office, since I figure they get lots of complaints and very few compliments.

Then yesterday was my 77th birthday.  Norm, who had been here for several days (and who is now a year younger than I for the next few months), left in the early morning.  Walt made a lovely breakfast for me and in the evening we went out for sushi. 

My fortune cookie was a nice one to get on your birthday.

I came home to a text message from Atria saying my mother needs new shoes.  She moved in the memory with about 10 pairs of shoes and apparently they have all disappeared except the ones that are falling apart.  I must go and investigate today.

All 3 kids called and the granddaughters called to sing to me.  I had so many birthday wishes on Facebook I couldn't count them all.  I went to sleep feeling very loved.


My birthday card from Polly.  Too, too appropriate!

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