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1 February 2019

Marta's stint is over and Walt's brother Norm arrived today to spend a few days, to be relieved by Tom on Saturday.  (Poor Tom is making a big sacrifice.  He has one of those humongous TVs but he is going to have to watch the Super Bowl on our "small" TV.  Now that's love.)

Interesting about TV sizes.  I remember back when Farenheit 451 came out.  This is the movie where books are being burned and the hero is one of the guys in charge of finding and burning books.

I don't remember a lot about the movie (other than that it ends with a special group of people dedicated to memorizing a book and teaching it to a young person so that the stories can be preserved, even if no print version exists).  But I do remember one scene where the guy comes home to find his wife, a TV addict, lying on the couch watching the government TV program on what I remember was the biggest television set I had ever seen.

Sometime in the past few years, I happened to see a snippet from the movie and the HUGE television set she was watching was smaller than the set we have now.  It's all in your perspective!

Ned called to check in today.  His cell phone is not working well in Hawaii and, in fact, he has not received the few text messages I'd sent him.  I asked him how things were going and he said that except for the view, nothing has changed -- he's living with two 70-somethings, helping them organize their house, and today he was taking his mother-in-law to Kaiser!

This morning Marta and Norm took Walt for a visit with his primary care physician.  The plan was for me to get shopping done while they were out.  His visit went well and just a few little tweaks needed to be made to his current routine, in addition to lab tests to make sure the infection is completely gone.

While they were out, I got myself all ready to go shopping, got my jacket on, gave Polly her treat, got my purse, and when I went to get my car key it was gone.  I opened the front door and our car was gone.  We have FOUR cars here--Marta's, Ned's, Norm's and ours--and for one reason or another, they took our car and left no other keys behind, so I had to stay home until they got here.

Last night, while channel surfing, I found something called:

While this is not something I could see myself watching on a regular basis, I read the synopsis and was curious about how you fry lemonade, so I recorded it and while waiting for the car to return, I watched it.

I'll tell you it's a whole new world for me.  We haven't done the state fair in decades and the available foods have changed significantly.  Here are some of the things that you can now get deep fried, other than lemonade (it was a kind of cake, actually):  butter, candy bars, red velvet cake, cookie dough, bread pudding, ravioli, green tomatoes, cheeseburgers, fruit loops, bacon wrapped chicken skin, peaches and cream, coke, stuffing, pumpkin pie, oranges, chicken noodle soup on a stick, shepherd's pie, margarita, oreos,  pizza... the list goes on and on..

The winner of the show I watched deep fried peanut butter cups wrapped in flour tortilla triangles and then topped with chocolate.

With only two exceptions, the contestants were surprisingly not fat. 

It was an interesting thing to watch, but a good reason why you won't find it on the Food Network and I doubt I'll watch it again. But it was definitely a look inside a world that I know nothing about, though I admit that I occasionally think it would be fun to taste something like deep fried Snickers.

Something I do not need -- another bad-for-you food to get addicted to!




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