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December 30, 2019

"Verklempt" is a Yiddish word meaning  "overwhelmed by emotion."  Like the Portuguese word "Saudade" (the presence of absence. It is a longing for someone or something that you remember fondly but know you can never experience again), the English translation doesn't convey the dept of the meaning that the Yiddish word means.

Verklempt is the best word to describe how I feel about our Christmas celebration, which is now over. 

I found myself sitting a good portion of the day, just watching Jeri, Ned and Tom talking together, laughing together and working together to make the dinner perfect. my heart full thinking of these people who are US.  I admit to getting a bit teary sitting in the living room, where everywhere I look is a reminder of our life as a family, and missing David and Paul.

 Marta volunteered to make breakfast on Friday, which included chocolate croissants.

Jeri and Phil had spent the actual Christmas in Oregon, with Phil's family, and  they flew in to Sacramento that afternoon. 

In the morning, Marta made biscuits and gravy and Phil made a huge bowl of fruit salad.

Thanks to everyone being here and Ned and Marta's work for weeks getting the house prepared, I did not feel the need for my annual "Mom's Christmas Crisis."  Everything went smoothly. 

Tom and the family arrived around 1, wearing wonderful hats.

Walt's brother and sister and their spouses arrived around 3.  Marta and I had each made hors d'oeuvres and I was afraid that nobody would have room for an actual dinner, but they did. 

I stuffed the turkey and got it cooked, but the three guys took over actually getting food on the table.  Tom carved the turkey, Norm made gravy and Ned mashed the potatoes.

Dinner was such fun--and I was amazed that most of the food got eaten after all.

Gift giving was fun, with Ned and Lacie passing out the gifts.  I still love the gift I found for Jeri.

Then there was the return of the Egg Nog Gala, which our kids put on each year throughout their childhood.  This year began with Lacie reading elephant jokes

She has been taking piano lessons for 3-4 months and she later played a piano duet with Jeri.  Brianna also did a duet with Jeri, Bri on the  trumpet and later a duet with her Dad on the guitar.

There  was a sing-along...

...and a duet between Joe and Tom, with Jeri coming in for background.

By the time Norm et al. left, I was exhausted and feeling guilty because I didn't feel I had done much but SIT and watch.  But I was asleep in minutes after Walt's siblings left.  Everyone else went to bed, but Ned stayed up until about 3:30 getting the kitchen completely clean...he even left the coffee pot full and a note for me to just turn it on.

Laurel had gone to her cousin's house to spend the night with her father, while Tom and the girls slept here.  In the morning Marta taught them how to play solitaire on the iPod.

They left early so they could get back to Santa Barbara in  time for the 49er game.  Fortunately, though a real nail-biter, the team won and it put the perfect celebratory end to our Christmas.




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