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December 19, 2019

I did nothing yesterday but sit on my butt and watch the impeachment coverage.

It was so repetitious, maybe it was a silly thing to do, but it was history in the making and I wanted to watch it happening.

In some ways it was like watching a tennis game.  You turned your head in one direction and there was some Democrat talking about preserving the Constitution, high crimes and misdemeanors, and obstruction of justice.  Then you turn your head in another direction and you got some Republican talking about witch hunts, false testimony and unfair accusations.

It did get interesting when Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said that Jesus got better treatment under Pontius Pilot than Trump got under the Democrats.  I guess I missed the crown of thorns and the crucifixion part. 

Someone else said this was as bad -- or worse -- than the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Someone else said this was worse than McCarthyism.

Many Republicans said that this hearing was an insult to the 62,000+ voters who "overwhelmingly" elected him.  No Republican mentioned the 65,000+ voters who voted for Hillary.

Democrats were somber and reinforced the need to keep the democracy intact, to preserve checks and balances, and most of them ended with reminding people that no one was above the law, not even the president.

The interesting thing was that no Republican mentioned his actions or his behavior or seemed to be in the least interested in preserving the Constitution and/or democracy.

When the vote was taken, it was a surprise to no one.

While the vote was being taken, Trump was in a "surely you love me" rally in Michigan, where he attacked lots of people, the usual ones like Nancy Pelosi and "Cryin' Chuck Schumer."  The late Senator John Dingell is in hell, he feels, because his wife, whom Trump "did everything for" after her husband's death (he even lowered the flag to half staff!!) voted for impeachment.

Ever positive, he said, "What a victory we had in Michigan … I’m thrilled to be here with thousands of hard-working patriots as we celebrate the miracle of Christmas, the greatness of America and the glory of God … And did you notice everybody is saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again? Did you notice? I remember when I first started this beautiful trip, this beautiful journey, I just said to the First Lady, ‘You’re so lucky, I just took you on this fantastic trip.’ It’s so much fun; they want to impeach you; they want to do worse than that. By the way, it doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached. The country is doing better than ever before; we did nothing wrong, and we have tremendous support in the Republican party like we’ve never had before.”

I checked Twitter this morning and read several comments from his supporters:

... I have never been more motivated than now to support and vote for Trump in 2020.

... Can you imagine the mandate President Trump will have after winning 2020 now?  Dems will have no plays left.   THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

... Literally no other person in the history of the United Sates has been treated worse than you have, Donald. 

... President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President of all time while Nancy Pelosi will be remembered as nothing but a disgrace and a national embarrassment.

I honestly can't believe these people, when they hear all he has done...over and above anything mentioned in the Impeachment Hearing.  How can they possibly continue to be so slavishly devoted...and this includes all the Republican politicians!!!

Well, Republicans — was it worth it? Were the judges and tax cuts worth debasing yourself on Fox News every week? Were they worth sacrificing all the so-called values of your party? Were they worth lying to the American people in an unprecedented attack on the very notion of truth? When your names are written in history books and your conduct is described to the next generation, no one will be thinking about tax cuts and judges. I hope the Republican Party is ready to live with this legacy.  [Robert Reich]

...and do you suppose Santa is going to visit the jails where "the greatest president of all time" sent those thousands of children, who are sitting on concrete floors wondering where their parents are?


So scared he might get re-elected!

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