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December 17, 2019

I don't know how old the kids were when we decided to go and chop our Christmas tree, but pretty young.  It always seemed like a great thing to do until one of the younger ones hated it and cried the whole time, but they grew into enjoying going out to chop down our tree each year, especially when they were old enough to do the chopping themselves.  This is from 1989.

and this from 1988

1981 was the first year that we had foreign students with us at Christmas time, and I'm not sure what Ndangi (Zaire) and Chieko (Japan) thought of our chopping down a Christmas tree, but they came with us.

When we got the tree packed up in the car, we would drive home singing Christmas carols, usually at Jeri's suggestion.  I loved those times.

In time, we stopped cutting our own trees and just went to a local tree lot (but not  the Boy Scout lot, since they were discriminating against gay scouts and leaders at that time.  Another Christmas tradition around here was my annual letter to the editor reminding people not to shop at the Boy Scout lot.  They seemed to sell out each year, so I don't know that my letter made any difference!)

When I was growing up, my mother always put the lights on the tree while we sat and watched her, and then Karen and I would help with the ornaments...I can't remember my father decorating--he was just there to fix a string of lights if a bulb burned out.

Here, it was Walt who always put on the lights and then the rest of us trimmed the tree.

Always to the Bing Crosby Christmas album, and always with egg nog to drink while we were trimming.

The last time, for many years, that we had a real tree was 1999, the year Paul died, when I didn't want to put up a tree at all, but all the Lawsuit guys came over to help us trim the tree and that softened an otherwise painful Christmas.

But then we went for some years with no tree, some with a tree made out of gold ornaments and then I finally got an artificial tree--a tiny one for two years and then a larger one, since Brianna and Lacie would be here and it didn't seem right not to have a tree.

Today, Ned and Walt went out and got a tree and Ned put  the lights on.  He played the Bing Crosby album as he worked.

I have to admit to getting sentimentally weepy as I watched him and listened to Bing for the...how many?...times.  Remembering all those trees and all those nights of decorating.  Tonight we will have egg nog and put on the ornaments.  Marta's Christmas music of her past is Gene Autry, so we will play that as well as Bing, and then the tree will be ready for the family to come.

Heck, I got so into this decorating thing, I even put up our tiny artificial tree in the bathroom and found a tiny manger scene to put under it.



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