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December 16, 2019

So what has been going on around here this month, while I've been spending my time talking about Christmas memories?

Well, for one thing, the couch was finally delivered.

I am amazed at how comfortable it is.  So comfortable, that I have been sleeping better ... and longer... than I have been in a very long  time. 

To get the couch in, Ned had to move almost all of the boxes out of the living room.  There are still dribs and drabs to be cleaned up, but it is looking like a real living room now and we have a usable library.

The biggie, for Ned was finally getting rid of the overhead cupboard in the kitchen.

He and his friend Jon got the cupboard down and I never realized how much brighter it has made the kitchen (which Ned had been telling me for months that it would)

Of course there is still 45 years of muscle memory in this body and I still reach up for things like vanilla and paper towels though there is nothing to look in any more.

Marta took two days and completely reorganized the kitchen cabinets and drawers so everything is neat, orderly and in a logical place.  Of course, my muscle memory still looks first in the old place where it used to be, but I am slowly getting used to the new organization, which is SO much better than it was before.

And they got their hot tub working...and heated so they are both very happy campers and at least once a day (or sometimes twice), they'll parade thru the family room in their bathrobes for quick soak in the hot  tub.  They've definitely earned it!

It is 10 days to Christmas and we are so close  that I know we will be ready when everyone shows up, especially since our Christmas won't be until December 28.


With Pujol Monteiro from Brasil
(Ned was in Brasil this year)

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