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28 August 2019

That's not me talking about my mother, it's my mother talking about me.  I was her mother today.

Jeri went off on a bike ride this morning while I cleaned my work table.  I can't believe that I can see a lot of the actual table now and that all of the stickers, Compassion letters, and misc. junk for journals all have homes and are stored away.

After Jeri got home, we went off to Eldervilla.  She was just finishing her lunch, so we sat at the table and chatted.  Jeri is just so darn good with her.

She was good for about 20 minutes and then said she'd be right back, got up, and went to her room.  So we left because she had already forgotten that we were ever there.  But we did chat with Sandy for a bit and it's nice to hear that he is happy with her and they have figured out how to get around her problem times.  They have given up trying to get her to use a toilet in the middle of the night, but just change her diapers before they get her back in bed.  Kinda of like we have figured out with Polly,  who, at 11, is never going to be housebroken, but at least uses puddle pads.

Ned and Jeri have been working at trying to organize this garage sale.   This is what the carport looked like when we got home.

And this doesn't even begin to show the extent of what we have here.  Ned designed a flyer:

I posted it on Facebook and on the Neighborhood site and asked people to please share it on their FB timelines so it gets wider distribution.  So far two people have done that and I've had inquiries from three people on Neighborhood.

I also decided I'm going to harvest our apples and put a big box out along with bags and invite people to take apples for free. 

This is going to be quite an event!



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