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27 August 2019

Ned turned 52 on Sunday.  It was not a big celebration, but we did celebrate a little.  He worked all day carrying stuff around the house and working on the upcoming garage sale (trust me--you're gonna want to see this sale!)

Jeri, Walt and I spent the morning going through boxes and reliving Jeri's show biz "career" throughout school.

Little House type bonnets from two different productions. I was surprised to see that Jeri saved as much stuff I as have through the years!

As the piles grew Walt felt overwhelmed and just sat there looking at it all

In the late afternoon, we gave Ned his gifts, one from us and one from Jeri.  I got him one of the "arctic air" coolers that I've been seeing advertised on Facebook.  They keep their house cooler than Walt keeps ours (my preference would be cooler too, but there are those bigger bills!)

(Now that I've given it to him, I've seen the video and am not sure it was a good choice, but let's hope for the best.)

In the evening we went to Cattlemen's for dinner.  Cattlemen's is a restaurant which, not surprisingly, specializes in beef.  Ned has been craving a good steak for some time now (starting during the Kaiser days).  I'm always craving prime rib, though I don't eat much meat any more at all, but prime rib is different.

(and that horseradish is enough to clear your sinuses for a month!)

Best part of the day for me is the best part of every time we get together with two or more of our kids -- just listening to them talk and laugh, remembering their past years, planning what they are going to do, etc. 

There is a commercial I see on TV all the time.  It's for little packages of fruit that come with plastic on the top.  The mothers write messages to their kids on the plastic before packing it in their lunch bags.  Every time I see that, I feel guilty for never doing stuff like that, and I always wonder if I "did it" all right.

But when I get together with the kids and see what wonderful adults they have become, I lose my insecurities and know that somehow we did OK.




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