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26 August 2019

I was sitting in the family room on Saturday morning, quietly drinking my coffee, when my father started playing the piano in the living room, which was weird since he's been dead since 1987.

It wasn't really my father, of course.  When Jeri was planning to come here the one request she had, having seen all the pictures of the boxes in the living room, was that there be a path where she could get to the piano.  In cleaning out, she found a piece of music my father had written and was playing it.  He used to play the song "She's Funny that Way" all the time when I was growing up.  He never had piano lessons but was self taught and I guess one day he decided to try writing his arrangement of that song down, which Jeri was playing.  But it was creepy hearing the song I knew so well, in the arrangement I knew so well, coming from my living room.

So while Ned and Marta started putting things together for our soon-to-be garage sale (Aug 31, if you're going to be in Davis...trust me, it will be HUGE), Ned tasked Jeri with sorting out the things in the Hobbit Hole.

When we moved into this house, we discovered they had built a little closet under the stairs that was about waist high, or less, but quite deep.  We decided it was a Hobbit Hole, and had a sign made to signify that.

The Hobbit Hole became many things over the years including, for one brief period, a practice "room" for Ned when he started learning the drums.  (very bad use of the space!)

But it hasn't been touched for years and has just been storing "stuff" and it was Jeri's task to go through the stuff and do the keep/garage sale/throw away business.  What wonderful treasures she found that we hadn't thought of in years.

There was the Spoon, for example.

Our first high school student to live here for a year was from Brasil.  He and I exchanged a few letters before he arrived and I told him that I collected spoons.  I meant, of course, those little souvenir spoons that you get when you travel anywhere.

Well, Pujol decided to bring me a spoon from Brasil...but the thing is about 10" tall and very heavy!  I had it hanging on the wall for a long time and now the question is -- keep/garage sale/throw away.  Sentimental value took over and it goes in the keep pile.

Walt's bowling ball, unused for 30 years, also went into the keep pile.  He won it in a bowling tournament or something and I honesty can't remember his ever using it, but we're keeping it.  It is as useful as a 10" heavy spoon!

We certainly couldn't throw out Paul's award.

He won this for playing Winthrop in a production of The Music Man at a huge amphitheater in Oakland many years ago.  Totally useless object...but throw it away?  How could I?

She found Paul's quilt.  This came from my years of trying to be Holly Homemaker.  I was taking a quilting class and made this gorgeous quilt for Ned, from a Superman poster he had.  It was his Christmas present that year and I also made a quilt for each of the other kids, though theirs were just squares.  I had each of them draw pictures that I transferred to cloth and then made a patchwork quilt out of it.  Each had his/her own theme.  Paul's was Star Trek and he drew pictures of Star Trek characters he liked.  I don't remember what Jeri, Tom and David's quilts were like...and haven't seen them in decades, but here was Paul's quilt hiding in the Hobbit Hole.

Naturally, that was a keeper.

as was this...  know what it is?

Surely it must be obvious.  It's a music holder for a piccolo player in a marching band.  Harold Hill, in The Music Man asks Tommy Djilas if he could make one, which is, of course, impossible, but Jeri did make this.  Keep? throw away?

She found a bag of puppets the kids had made when they were much younger.  Those went in the throw away pile.

And then there was this button-covered hat she had forgotten about.

One of the buttons says "Lordy, Lordy, Mom's 40" and Walt pointed out that in 4 years that button will be 40 years old.

What do you do with authentic volcanic ash?  We went to Oregon shortly after the Mt. St. Helen's eruption and towns around were still covered with ash so our kids, ever enterprising, collected some to see if they could sell it.  When we got home, they set up a lemonade stand where you could buy lemonade and volcanic ash (not mixed together) and the father of a boy who took advantage of the sale came storming back demanding his son's money back for buying "fake ash."  I don't remember if he ever believed that really it WAS "authentic."

At the end of the day, Jeri and I worked a puzzle she found to see if all the pieces were there (it's missing 4).

I think Jeri went through about 1/3 of the Hobbit Hole (many boxes contained VHS tapes that I don't know what I'm going to do with!) so we still have lots of work to do...and I assume many more marvelous discoveries.



At the end of the day, there was time to relax with a glass of wine on the patio.

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