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23 August 2019

I was moved to check some of Amtrak's slogans today:

  • The route of personal service

  • From simple comfort to pampered pleasure

  • The civilized shuttle

  • Old reliable

  • Timesaver service

  • It's quicker by rail

  • Think again, take the train

  • Speed and service

  • The way to run a railroad

Jeri flew in to Oakland on Wednesday and spent the night with friends there, then took the train up to Davis.  Jeri, Walt and his sister keep everyone up to date by text with where they are, but are people of few words.  These are a few of the text messages that were sent on her trip.

  • We are moving! We are moving

  • Martinez

  • Suisun

  • Vacaville  (this is the last stop before Davis...Ned left to go pick her up)

  • So, the doors stuck!

  • On my way to Sac with a bunch of angry people

  • I always have to have a story

  • Luckily Sac is the end of the line

Yes, they arrived in Davis and stood at the door, then it was announced the train was leaving. She could see Ned waiting for her, and the train took off.  The door never opened.   When they complained the conductor told them he had opened the doors.  They assured him he had not opened  their door.  He told them they could catch the next train back to Davis, which meant an hour and a half wait in Sacramento before boarding the same train in the other direction.

Poor Ned didn't know what was going on.  The battery on his cell phone was dying so he never got the message about the doors not opening.  All he knew was that she had texted from Vacaville, 20 miles away, and did not get off in Davis.  He wondered if she had died.

Jeri, in the meantime, was making good friends of the other stranded passengers.  Talk about serendipity.  One of the passengers was deaf and one of the passengers just happened to be a sign language interpreter.  She said they were all friends by the time they finally got off in Davis.

Walt went to pick her up and she sent a picture to Alice Nan to let her know that they had finally connected:

It's good to have her here.  As I write this, she is off at a yoga class and wants to ride her bike to Woodland (10-15 miles) so she can go to the YMCA and also visit her grandmother.  I'm going to encourage her to take the car, since it is going to be 100 degrees today--and Ned is hoping to have her help starting to price things for our giant garage sale next weekend.

I spent yesterday being Holly Homemaker.  The new apple peeler/slicer that I got is fantastic and I peeled and sliced a lot of apples to make an apple pie.  SO much easier than peeling by hand!

The pie dough...well, the bottom of the pie looked pretty crappy, but you can't see it under all the apples, and somehow the top crust rolled out just fine so the pie looked good...and it tasted delicious.  There are still lots more apples on the tree and I'm going to have to think of something other than apple pie to make to use as many of them as sI can.  Walt doesn't eat applesauce, though I will probably make a big pot of that, but I still need more ideas.

Anybody have ideas for me?



Lacie riding her bike to school by herself for the first time.

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