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22 August 2019

With Ned's and my mother's birthdays coming up, I thought I'd repeat the Thursday 13s that I wrote about each of them several years ago

Thirteen Memories of Ned

1. How much back hair he had when he was born
2. Learning at an early age that if he thought he could jump from a certain height, he really could
3. How tender he always was with babies
4. Watching him smear pumpkin all over his belly
5. His first day at Yamaha, when he got to play the drum
6. How he took to springboard diving
7. The day he did a belly flop off the 3 meter tower, swam off the pain, and climbed the tower and did it again...without the belly flop
8. His winning the coach’s trophy that year
9. The Gumby costume he made
10. Every Lawsuit show for 10 years
11. How much I missed him the year he was in Brasil
12. The fabulous videos he's made for Brianna and Lacie
13. Fifty-two years of birthdays. Happy birthday, Ned!

Things about my mother. Sadly I've edited many of these wich no longer apply.

1. She has lived longer and outlived all of her relatives.  Or if she makes it through the next two weeks she will.  She had a cousin who caughte the flu and died the week before his 100th birthday.
2. She loved to iron so much that she never allowed me to iron anything more complicated than things like handkerchiefs and napkins.
3. She  had her hair done by the same hairdresser every week for at least 40 years.  Now they cut her hair at Eldervilla
4. She could make any plant, however, sad, bloom wildly.  Now she can't tell the difference between real plants and artificial plants and I've seen her watering artificial plants.
5. She LOVED shoes and now doesn't seem to notice what, if anything, is on her feet
6. She was the first volunteer ever for Hospice of Marin and volunteered there for more than 40 years
7. I rarely saw her without nail polish and she seemed to be doing hernails most of the time.  Now occasionally someone will put polish in them
8. She had incredible fashion sense but now doesn't even notice if what she is wearing is hers or someone else's
9. She was a fierce competitor.  How I wish we could play a game of canista again.
10. She loved working jigsaw puzzles
11. She was an avid reader, now has difficulty reading words
12. She set a gorgeous table for dinner guests
13. She was my best friend and we could talk about anything, but now she can't really participate in a discussion and can't follow whatever someone is telling her.

Jeri is arriving today and then things start speeding up.  Ned is ready to start organizing for our gigantic garage sale, which means taking everything out of boxes and pricing everything. He figures this is going to take days to do and will take up all of the carport and the new patio.

He is also bringing over the first load of "stuff" from their house in Sacramento to move into the newly carpeted apartment upstairs.

He is going to be putting in a new floor in the laundry room so he can move his washer/dryer here and move ours out.  He also plans to build shelves there so we can move all of the stuff currently on the kitchen table back into that room.

Tom is flying up next week to be here for my mother's birthday and I have to remember to get a family portrait while he is here!



hard to believe this is Brianna's LAST year and will move to junior high next year!

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