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20 August 2019

Mary Z wrote, "I'm enjoying reading about the renovations, but I must have missed your writing about Ned & Marta's moving in, the reasons for, whether Walt is moving downstairs, etc. Could you do some repetition sometime? "

So for her, and for anybody else who missed the perhaps long-ago explanation of what is happening around here, here is the story of Ned and Marta.

Ned and his boss were laid off from their job at the radio station where he had worked for ~20 years a couple of years ago, when the format of the station changed.  They were given a generous enough severance package that Ned could go a year or more without looking for a job.

In the meantime, Marta decided to close her massage business and got an office job with the state, so their benefits were still covered.

In his now spare time, Ned started helping friends with various projects, and then he and Marta took on the project of flipping of Marta's mother's house, which she was going to put on the market, since she hasn't lived in Davis in a long time.

They did extensive repair and remodeling of the house, getting it ready to sell.  Ned learned a lot about working with contractors and developed a good relationship with the guy who hired all the workers for the project.

It was not long after the house was finished that Walt and I started having our weird medical maladies of last year.  Neither of us was able to drive for several months, so we relied heavily on Ned to take us to and from our many doctor's appointments.  He also went to all of Walt's appointments to help him with what he needed to remember after the appointment.  I don't know how many miles he drove from Sacramento to Davis, but certainly hundreds of miles.

During that time ... and having watched my mother's decline these past years ... Ned decided that it was inevitable that we were going to have "more things" happening with us, not necessarily right away, but eventually.  We talked about what should be done with this house.  Should we stay in a house that was too big for us, should we move to a senior citizen facility, should we buy a smaller house? 

The other suggestion was that Ned and Marta move here, since they were just renting a house themselves.  Since none of the other suggestions appealed to us (because all meant doing a major clean out of the house!), we decided that the best decision would be for Ned and Marta to move here.

Our house is set up with two rooms at the front upstairs, which are Walt's office and his bedroom, since I still sleep a combination of the couch and the recliner.  And then the back part has one very big room (in which all four boys slept when we moved in here) and a smaller bedroom, along with a bathroom.  Ned and Marta could set up that half of the house as their own "apartment" and so that is what has been happening.  Nothing changes with Walt's half of upstairs.

It still required a major clean out, but not the whole house; just those two rooms (which was definitely enough!)

So after all these months the major work for upstairs has been done and how it's ready for them to start moving in their stuff.  In the meantime he's still putting in a new floor in our laundry room and we'll use their washer and dryer because they are stackable, and thus will give us more room in the laundry room.

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to having them here.  It will be nice when Ned isn't feeling the panic to get it all done NOW and can relax a bit.  He's also an interesting person to talk with...and, unlike Walt, he likes watching TV, so I'll have a TV buddy while he's here and I'll probably discover some new things on TV that I haven't watched before (though I realize I will have to watch Survivor again)

There will be lots of adjustments, of course.  For starters, Walt and I generally eat after 7 and Ned and Marta eat around 5.  But Ned and I will share the cooking (yippee!) and once we decide how it's going to work, I'm pretty OK with whatever works for all of us.

Today Ned spent time cutting two inches off the bottom of several doors, which won't fit over the new rug, so he can put the doors back on again.

A friend recommended HBO's series, Years and Years, which I'd never heard of before.  I watched 2 episodes today and am hooked.




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