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19 August 2019

Walt and I went to see Yeomen of the Guard this weekend.

I don't know if we saw any Gilbert & Sullivan last year, what  with our various medical maladies, so this may have been the first G&S in over a year...and definitely  the first Yeomen in a very long time.

In rank of my favorite G&S operettas would be Iolanthe, Mikado and then Yeomen.  Mikado and Yeomen were the two that were most associated with Gilbert, since his KoKo and his Jack Point were classics.  In fact, when he did Point, they brought the house lights up very slowly after the end of the show since so many people were crying.

(Yes, crying.  For those not familiar with the show it has a happy/sad ending)

This particular production by Light Opera Theatre of Sacramento (LOTS) was excellent.  On a smaller scale I would compare it favorably with the Lamplighters.  In fact, the guy who played Fairfax (the romantic lead) played that role with the Lamplighters a few years ago.

It was a small theater with a 30-piece orchestra which was wonderful and, unlike the Lamplighters years ago when they were in a similar theater, they were able to play loudly when there were no singers singing, but yet soft enough that the music didn't drown out the singers.

Jack Point, the jester, is one of my favorite characters...and not just because Gilbert was so famous for it....other Lamplighters actors have also done a beautiful job with this complicated character.  The Point in this production was the biggest disappointment for me.  He didn't do anything wrong exactly and the audience loved him, but neither Walt nor I felt he "became" Point.  I wish I could say why.  I gave him a good review because my feelings about his performance were based on personal feelings, not on his performance.

But everything else was so wonderful that we came home on a real high from having seen such a good production.  And we'll be seeing the Lamplighters' Pinafore this weekend, so this is our G&S month!

The work is finished!  Well...the contractor work.  The carpet guy left around 6 p.m. the other night and the upstairs is now all carpeted.

It's hard to believe that it used to be difficult to walk through this room because it was lined on both sides with big bookcases, down the middle with what we called "the stuff island" and on the floor with lots of other stuff!

But maybe this is my favorite thing.

Ned built this storage shelf and used an old wooden Lawsuit sign.  It made me smile when I saw it.

But now all the "workmen" work is done and there is lots for Ned to do, but they are at a point where they can start moving things from their house to here this week and gradually start settling into what I am now calling their new "apartment."



Composer Adam Brooks and arranger Jeri Sykes
built the LEGO carousel! Over 2600 pieces! No big deal!

Jeri says the thing actually works.  You turn the crank
and the merry go round goes round and the figures go up and down.

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