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16 August 2019

I had no idea how many times I went out into the pantry (or "the back porch" as we call it) in a day until Ned decided to fix and paint it and  get ready to move in their washer and dryer, which sit one on top of each other and would then give us more room than our side-by-side does.

So he spent the other day, putting in some new sheetrock and painting the room, but first moving everything in it out to the kitchen table area.

He was very good and tried to put things in logical boxes, on top of boxes with things I don't use all that often (I still haven't seen the deep fat fryer or the bread machine)., and he organized it so there was still room at the table for Walt and me to eat so we don't have to do TV trays.

But I can't begin to calculate how many times I have automatically gone out into that empty room to get something today.  And when I went shopping yesterday, I put things back on the shelf in the store when I realized that it would be easier to buy them after new shelves were built.

The only thing I absolutely could not find was the little racks that go inside the InstantPot.  I went to make spare ribs tonight and went right out to the pantry to get them, and of course they weren't there.  So I searched through all the boxes I could reach and never did find them, but I discovered that my little steamer basket fits just perfectly in the Instant Pot and may, in fact, have been even better for the spare ribs.

After dinner, Walt went rooting and found what I had been looking for.  But it's going to be another big adjustment until shelves are put back in.

I also decided to take a picture of what I see when I lie down on the couch at night now. (Taken from the angle of my pillow)

The time is growing short.  Ned and Marta will start moving as soon as the carpet is installed (hopefully first part of next week) and then we have to figure out what to do with all this stuff packed in boxes!

We had a call from a charming man from the San Francisco Symphony today, which made me so angry.  Why is it that you support a company/charity/whatever and when fund raising comes around they call the SUPPORTERS to ask for MORE money.  We already gave you money!  Not only that but they won't take no for an answer, but have to argue with you about why you should give them more money.

Our worst experience in this regard was many years ago.  We were regular supporters of Special Olympics and I would still be a supporter if they hadn't made me so angry that I won't ever give them another penny.  They literally called us 2 and 3 times a week asking for more money, in addition to solicitations in the mail.  I actually wrote them a letter explaining that I really wanted to be supportive and if they would just contact me maybe once a month and not 3 times a week, that would be fine.  I even talked to someone to explain how I felt inundated with request for yet more money.

Finally we just ignored them and haven't given them a donation since.  I'm afraid if we send them any money it will start the whole thing over again, which is a shame because I really think it's a cause which I would like to support.


I love this photo.

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