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14 August 2019

I never realized there was an international left handers' day.  But here it is.  My day!

I am one of those really fortunate people whose first grade teacher never forced me to write with my right hand, hence I avoided all the psychological problems they say that lefties have when forced to write with their right (wrong) hands.  I do remember Sister asking me if I could write with my right hand.  I said "no" and she never asked again.

I am not only left handed but apparently left sided as well.  My left leg is stronger, my left eye is stronger I even chew more on the left side of my mouth!

Now being left handed in the world is not just a matter of being left handed.  First of all, you never ever get good grades in handwriting.  When we were learning cursive, we were expected to learn the Palmer method.             


This required you to have your forearm flat on the desk so that the letter would slant in the appropriate direction, which for most people is to the right.  I don't, as a result, have the typical left-hander style, which slants things to the left, but unless I have the proper pen, I end up with a smudge on my hand and on the paper.


And then there are all those things which are made specifically for all of you normal people.  No wonder I hate to iron.  Irons are designed for right handed people.  Bet you never thought of that.

I did once buy left handed scissors, but had been using normal scissors for such a long time, I found them difficult to adjust to.   Walt has always been amazed that I can cut anything left handed.

I've always blamed my math difficulties on being left handed, though I'm not sure why I'm good at writing and languages, then.

But did you know that about 1447 words can be touch typed on a QWERTY keyboard with the left hand, while only 187 words can be typed with the right hand.  Only 12% of the population is left handed, but 20% of Mensa members are left handed (I am not one of them!)  Clinton and Obama are left handed and so was Judy Garland.

Interestingly, I read this morning that left handers are more likely to suffer sleep deprivation (so now we know MY problem; what was Gilbert's?).  And though left handers are thought to have higher intelligence levels, they are also more prone to alcoholism.

We are apparently better at multi-tasking, but we tend to live 9 years less than righties.

I also never thought about it, but lefties tend to draw people facing to the right, while right handed people draw people facing to the left.  Anytime I draw a profile, it always faces right.

And I realized something awhile ago too.  When you clap, right handed people use their right hand to clap onto their left, while lefties do the opposite.  Watch an audience some time and you can tell who is left handed.

What is amazing to me is that neither of my parents were left handed and none of my children are left handed.  I am alone in this sinister world.  But my cousin Peach was left handed, and neither of HER parents were either.  Somewhere in our genealogy there has to be at least one lefty.

I've never really thought of being left handed as being a handicap (pun sorta intended), but every so often I come across a situation where I wish I were "normal."  But mostly I enjoy being weird.


Heck...I like this so much I'm keeping it up another day

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