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8 August 2019

I picked a few apples off of our tree yesterday morning and made a big pot of cinnamon apple oatmeal.  So good.  Today I will have to harvest because it's time.  The tree doesn't look as full as it did yesterday, which means the apples are starting to fall.  There is apple pie in our future.

Whenever I think of my mother in my childhood, the same picture always comes to mind and I wish I had a picture of it.  I see her sitting at the kitchen table, a bowl between her knees, another bowl on the table and she is peeling apples into the bowl on her knees.  She made a great apple pie and often peeled apples (with a knife) and then sliced the apples into the bowl on the table.  I would snitch slices of apple out of the bowl.

I never order apple pies in a restaurant because they are usually made with canned apples, and there is nothing like pies made with fresh apples.

My problem is that (a) I love apple pie and (b) I hate peeling apples.  Sometimes I make apple pie with the skins left on the apple, but it realy doesn't taste right...well, the taste is right, but the texture is wrong.  And then there is my problem with pie crust these days....  Lord I wish I knew why after all these decades of making perfect pies I can no longer roll out a pie crust by any method.  The best is in a bag, but even that doesn't work right all the time.

But in the next two days I will peel apples and hope I can make a crust and come up with a real home made apple pie, with home grown apples.

We went to see The Wiz the other night.  Believe it or not I had never seen it.  I might have watched part of the movie, just to see Michael Jackson, but I had never seen the whole movie.  As a purist, you can't improve on the Judy Garland movie, of course.

In all honesty, I didn't like it and actually was bored.  But it was the fault of the SHOW and not the performers, who were outstanding.  To review the show is like the critics who used to come to the Lamplighters and write about how stupid the plot of HMS Pinafore or some other show is.  When a show is already a classic, it's ridiculous (and useless) to review the show itself...and it also seems to me it makes you look stupid  too.  So I gave it a great review, but I don't like all the things left out, it's not my favorite kind of music, though the voices could not have been better.

I missed Toto, who would not have worked on such a busy stage.  I didn't like normal sized Munchkins, though the ensemble was very good.  I didn't like that the wicked witch doesn't show up until near the end, so is never a threat throughout the story.  She is only in it long enough to sing--but she brings the house down with her song--before she is melted.

It shouldn't bother me that Dorothy wears silver, not ruby slippers,  though I know that's the way Baum wrote it and MGM changed it because ruby filmed better.

So it was not my favorite, though the costumes were amazing, especially for the witches.  My favorite was for Glinda...

..which was not only beautiful but it was also lit from inside.  The actress plays Glinda also plays Auntie Em and must have an incredible costume change at the end to return to the stage as Em to welcome Dorothy home again.

(There's also no "Over the Rainbow"-type song for Dorothy, though Auntie Em has a beautiful opening song instead)




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