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5 August 2019

The man who has told us for years that Mexicans are rapists and murderers and that they only want to come here to take our jobs, the man who has put asylum seekers in jail under inhumane conditions and taken their children away from them, the man who, along with his party, has refused to consider any form of gun control whatsoever, has once again sent thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors of one of the two mass attacks that took place yesterday.  Despite the killer's manifesto declaring hatred of all things Hispanic, they are trying to decide if this is a "terrorist" attack, as if terrorizing a mall full of parents buying school supplies for their children can be called anything other than a "terrorist attack."

Add to the attack in El Paso is the attack in Dayton where more people were killed by another automatic rifle.  As of this writing, we do not yet know the reason behind the attack, but can terrorizing a bunch of people out to have a good time standing in line to get into a club be called anything other than "terrorism."

Is it difficult to label something "terrorism" when none of the "terrorist" attacks are by non-white terrorists?  You know that if either of those killers had dark skin, the initial reports would be calling them terrorists.  I was shocked when I checked Wikipedia for number of mass shootings in 2018.  323 shootings with 387 killed and 1274 injured.  But do we have an epidemic of white supremacist terrorism in this country?  It's as difficult to label these killings "terrorism" as it is to make any rules whatsoever regarding gun control.  I heard a very emotional interview with a former soldier who said there is absolutely no reason for anyone to own an automatic assault weapon other than to kill people -- they are too powerful to use for hunting.  Why else would you want one?

But people have been killed in schools, in malls, at a fair ... are we going to get to a point where nobody wants to go anywhere any more?  These terrorist attacks could be the best thing that has happened to on-line shopping.

I, too, send my "thoughts and prayers" to those killed and otherwise affected by yesterday's terrorist attacks (so far nobody has killed anybody today, that I have heard--but it's early).  But I also send my ire at those who have created an atmosphere which has encouraged such actions.  And I hope that the Democrats will once again offer bills to control gun sales, though #MoscowMitch would never let such a bill be voted on in the Senate.  Still, you have to do something, even if it is a foregone conclusion that nothing can come of it. 

And when white supremacists are big supporters of the man in the White House, who is loathe to label any act of violence committed by white supremacists as "terrorism.".

But on a more cheery note, we went to a joyous surprise party for our friend Stephen Peithman, who was turning 75.  There were about 20 of us sitting on the outside patio at Osteria Fasulo restaurant...a bit warm at first, but perfect as the sun went down.  These are all the people we know best in Davis so it was such fun.

And the food ... my goodness was it good.  Hosted by Steve's partner Rich, it started with great hors d'oeuvres, then a nice small salad and great bread with a fabulous greenish dip, followed by two different kinds of pasta and then the main course.

We had a choice of salmon, filet, or vegetarian.  Walt and I both had the filet.  I'm not a big meat eater any more and especially not a big beef eater and generally give half of whatever meat I am eating to Walt to finish, but I swear this was absolutely the most delicious filet I'd ever eaten.  So tender you could almost cut it with a fork, and served with a fabulous sauce.  I do not like sauce on my meat and generally just salt it, but there was no salt on the table, so I had to eat the sauce.  I want the recipe.  It was delicious and the steak cooked perfectly medium rare.  I finished every bite.

Dessert was a delicious cannoli

But there was also a great cake made by Charlotte French, famous for being a wonderful baker.  Steve didn't get "a" candle, but a candelabra instead.

We sat and chatted long into the night and went home feeling so good at having had the time to spend with all these long-time friends whom we see far too seldom.




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