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2 August 2019

The one thing I was sad about -- sort of -- with the bathroom remodel, which I love, was losing the wallpaper we've had for 45 years.  We all loved the old-fashioned toilets.

We all agreed it was time for something new, but still, that had been our fun wallpaper since we had the house built.

I was tickled when we got home and saw the remodeled bathroom and saw the "tribute" Marta had done to the old wallpaper.

 It's so good having someone so clever in the family!

Yesterday was painting day.  The paint guy was here all day painting the two bedrooms upstairs, which will become Ned and Marta's apartment.  It was mid-afternoon before I  realized, with a pang, what this meant.

Many years ago, when we finally became empty nesters and had a small bedroom that we could turn into a guest room, it was during a time when I was watching a lot of home decorating shows on TV (I don't know why--wishful thinking, I guess).  I was inspired, then, when choosing the paint for the room, to "go bold" and I chose the color pink.  Two colors, I think, one darker than the other (I could be mistaken).

When it was all finished, I liked the end result, but we all agreed that it looked like it had been painted with Pepto Bismol, so it immediately was called the "Pepto Room."

It has been the Pepto Room for decades now and yesterday, it got painted a new shade of white.  The Pepto room is all gone, though I kind of suspect that it will forever be called the Pepto room, no matter what color it is actually painted.

When we lived in Oakland, we had a back porch of the house, overlooking the back yard.  That was where washer and dryer were.

When we moved here, we had no porch, but we had an official "laundry room."  However, for 45 years, the laundry room has been called the "back porch" which is terribly confusing to people who come here and are told that the washer is on the back porch.  But WE know what we mean.

It's like the drawers in the kitchen.  We have a drawer for silverware, a drawer for misc cooking things (like taco holder, cookie cutters, silicon sheets, etc.  Then there is a drawer for bar stuff, from the days when we used to make drinks, another drawer for things like plastic bags, a drawer for dog stuff (from the days when I had foster dogs and needed things like medicines and baby bottles, etc), a  drawer that has chopsticks and other things I use when cooking, and the drawer everyone has. which you throw things into that don't have another place to put it but you don't want to throw it out.

When someone asks where such and such is and I say "in the drawer," they usually know it's in the junk drawer.



Love this picture!

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