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1 August 2019

If this is the first of August, that means that by the end of the month, we will no longer have an empty nest.  Ned and Marta will begin moving in here soon and this time next month we will be having our gigantic garage sale.

Today someone is here painting upstairs.  Ned moved everything that was left out of both bedrooms yesterday.  I'll tell ya, this guy has been working his tail off around here for the past few months...and I only see the half of it because when he finishes working here all day, he goes home and has to do the same thing at his own house.  From all reports, his living room looks much as ours has for the past several weeks, as he sorts through all of his stuff, trying to decide what to move and what to keep.

He's in a worse position, though, because we only have to get rid of things and whatever we don't get rid of just stays where it is.  He has to either get rid of things or pack them and move them. 

For those who have Facebook, I was tickled to watch this video, about a satin heart-shaped pillow that he doesn't know what to do with.

It was a gift from his good friend Brendan, who died several years ago and he has a strong sentimental attachment to it, so he understands all the "useless" things that I have strong sentimental attachments  to around here too.

Yesterday Walt found his father's passport.  I don't know in what year it was issued, but possibly before he met Walt's mother.  He traveled a lot and the thing is filled with stamps.  But it's unlike today's passports, and has lots of page to fold and unfold that open out to show the various country stamps.  Another "useless" thing that has sentimental value.  After we are gone, will Brianna and Lacie even care...?

He also came across a stack of paper, about 3" tall with the cover that says "Scott Register & Family Person Sheets."  It is an enormous collection of pages for the work that my cousin Peach did on the genealogy of the Scott family.  It shows an incredible amount of work, none of which is of great interest to me other than the fact that she did it.

That was the problem with her years of work on the family genealogy.  She had a whole closet filled with binders for many, many ancestors.  She even traveled back to ...was it Iowa? ... to search (successfully) for the grave site of an ancestor who intrigued her.  She spent years working on and when she moved to Ohio she couldn't take it all with her, and couldn't find anybody in the family who was interested.  She finally did give it all to a cousin-once-removed who would take it because she respected the work that had been done, but who really wasn't interested in the work itself either.

But I put a note on the family group in Facebook and actually got responses from 3 people who wanted it.  One is someone I hadn't heard of, who lives in Colorado, who wants what I have or a copy of what I have.  Since it is probably 800 pages, I don't think copying it for her is practical, much less the postage to mail it to her.  Peach's daughter wants it if nobody else does, just because her mother did the work.  But the woman who took all of Peach's original material would like it to keep it all together.  Since she is driving distance to Davis, getting it to her will be easier than shipping it to either of the other two.

The problem with genealogy is that by the time you are of an age when you are curious about your ancestors, nobody is around to tell you about them.  Nobody in the current adult generations of our family is interested in Peach's research, but perhaps some in the younger generations will have her curiosity about it all and thank goodness all the work is there for them to read.

I have kicked myself for decades for never asking my grandparents about their life in vaudeville or their experience during the 1906 earthquake.  Maybe that's why I write Funny the World -- to share my life experiences for my kids who, if they aren't interested now, may be some day.



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