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26 April 2019

When I checked the Bald Eagle Nest Cam this morning, Mom appeared to be doing her housekeeping.  She was moving bits of twigs here and there and pushing stuff under her.  There was something that looked like it might have been a fish along side her...I mainly thought it was a fish because there were flies crawling over it.

Pretty soon Dad arrived.

I was thrilled because I had not seen him before.  He looked the situation over and then went and dragged the fish to where mom's head was.

The babies woke up and for a time, both parents tore off bits of the fish and fed them.

Then I guess mom decided to take off for a bit--maybe to the beauty parlor to get her feathers ruffled.

Dad fed the babies for awhile and then decided it was time for them to go to sleep, so got them corralled into the nest and settled himself on them.

Mom finally came back and Dad went back to work, while Mom put the babies back to sleep again.

I just love nature, discovering that animal parents aren't all that different from human parents.  What separates us is diapers.




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